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English Poems

English Poem–kasiguruhan

When I suffer defeat at the hands of nature and its elements, I console myself with your assurance. When I face problems

English Poem–Burning anguish

Your form appears most beautiful to my eyes, aking Panginoon, though I have not seen you. Your words are most soothing to

English Poem–sino ang may

He, who has got a glimpse of your pure beauty, does not feel sad with the ugly picture of this world. He, …

English Poem–He, who

He, who moves the whole world with His sheer will and without even moving His little finger, seeks my hand to move, …

English Poem–Fire at pagkauhaw

Pagtanggi ng tubig sa isang tatlumpung taong augments kanyang uhaw, kahit na ang sunog ay makakakuha ng extinguished kung ito ay hindi fed. The fire

English Poem–Unquenchable thirst

There were wishes, charms, motives, and intentions: The amalgamated joy of this world captured my attention for long. The sky with its

English Poem–If my

If my trembling body and heart give you pleasure my Lord; let me quiver in the ecstasy of your vision. If my

English Poem–Being human

Crossing the threshold of existence with a gigantic leap does not justify the award of being born as a human. para, what

English Poem–Shiva grove

(Inspired by a song of Shambhu Vineberg) The dark forest around my being is impassable—it is thick, dense and full of elusive

English Poem–Magical Forest

(Inspired by a song of David Arkenstone) Sauntering into the deeper realms of the forest, I hear a celestial music that sets

English Poem–Tag of Rejection

I had been an adventurous person and undertook many tasks for sheer fun, and with your name on my lips, aking Panginoon. …

English Poem–Incompleteness

You bestowed me a very good mind, aking Panginoon, para, it wants to know about you and propels my thirsty soul to

English Poem–Innocence

To know about this world, its cultures, its traditions, and its ever-changing nature is a good thing. To know something about you

English Poem–Juicy Fruit

The fruit must fall from the tree, aking Panginoon, para, you want to fill this world with the juice of your nectarine