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inglese Litteratura

inglese Poem–Assurance

When I suffer defeat at the hands of nature and its elements, I console myself with your assurance. When I face problems

inglese Poem–Burning anguish

Your form appears most beautiful to my eyes, u mio Signore, though I have not seen you. Your words are most soothing to

inglese Poem–Conviction

They say I have come from the other world, where I once was one with you. Now, you sent me in this

inglese Poem–Who has

He, who has got a glimpse of your pure beauty, does not feel sad with the ugly picture of this world. He, …

inglese Poem–He, who

He, who moves the whole world with His sheer will and without even moving His little finger, seeks my hand to move, …

inglese Poem–Tissu e la siti

Rifiutu d 'acqua a na pirsuna chi durau augments a so sete, siddu lu focu ulìmpicu, Liceo s'ella ùn hè nutricati. The fire

inglese Poem–Unquenchable thirst

There were wishes, charms, motives, and intentions: The amalgamated joy of this world captured my attention for long. The sky with its

inglese Poem–If my

If my trembling body and heart give you pleasure my Lord; let me quiver in the ecstasy of your vision. If my

inglese Poem–Being human

Crossing the threshold of existence with a gigantic leap does not justify the award of being born as a human. For, what

inglese Poem–Shiva grove

(Inspired by a song of Shambhu Vineberg) The dark forest around my being is impassable—it is thick, dense and full of elusive

inglese Poem–Magical Forest

(Inspired by a song of David Arkenstone) Sauntering into the deeper realms of the forest, I hear a celestial music that sets

inglese Poem–Tag of Rejection

I had been an adventurous person and undertook many tasks for sheer fun, and with your name on my lips, u mio Signore. …

inglese Poem–Incompleteness

You bestowed me a very good mind, u mio Signore, di, it wants to know about you and propels my thirsty soul to

inglese Poem–Innocence

To know about this world, its cultures, its traditions, and its ever-changing nature is a good thing. To know something about you

inglese Poem–Juicy Fruit

The fruit must fall from the tree, u mio Signore, di, you want to fill this world with the juice of your nectarine