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Why Linux does not suck?

Right from the year 1999 when I started using computers, I have used Windows as the only operating system though I started

Understanding auto mount in Linux

In Linux, the entire system, hardware, files application programs are constructed in a tree like structure, which we call the Linux File

How to Install Linux on iPaq?

Before proceeding with installing Linux on your iPaq, it is a wise precaution to back up your current installation of Windows CE. …

What’s New in Ubuntu 10.10?

New Desktop Wallpaper This is one of the tricks Ubuntu has been playing on its users for years. Every time when a

How to use Ubuntu App Store?

‘App Storeis one of the words introduced by Apple in the recent history of commercial software applications. The concept basically offers

How Does Fedora’s Yum Work?

In the world of Linux, there are many systems and tools for managing the package installation process in Linux systems. Although there

Living HD with Linux

High Definition is everywhere nowadays. There is a huge demand for high definition media content and everything is now available in high

Best Image Editors in Linux

For some time, Linux was popular to be geeky. People were reluctant to come and try out Linux, thinking that it needs

Best VoIP clients in Linux

VoIP, in other words, Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the smartest innovations in the field of telecommunication. VoIP not only