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Business Formation in India

Starting a business is a highly tricky process involving a number of crucial decisions that will decide the course your business is

Business ideas around Yoga and healing

Recently, I have come across various individuals, consultants and small scale entrepreneurs who have very holistic ideas as their ventures. These ideas

Where is that cake?

We recently visited a fast food joint. They have a large poster which declares “3 minutes, or you get a cake free.” …

Drama as a sales tool

While casually browsing my daughter’s comics’ collection, I came across a very interesting story. It’s a busy office. A well dressed man

7As of Enriched Customer Data

Your best friend has an important party next week. He asks you to pick the right dress for the occasion. You agree

One Slice Marketing

Our neighborhood photo studio seems to be crowded always. Even in this age of digital photography. I went there for some lamination