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Wie in Punjabi sagen


How to say I am sad in Punjabi

This is a straight forward sentence and you don’t have to worry about gender or any other thing. Wenn Sie wissen, die …

Wie in Punjabi sagen, wo bist du

Beim Versuch, zu lernen, wie zu sagen, "wo bist du’ in Punjabi, Sie müssen dafür Sorge zu der Tatsache zu nehmen, denen …

How to say in Punjabi I am fine

How to say in Punjabi I am fine

'Mir geht's gut’ is a common phrase used in almost universally in conversations using various expressions of different languages. When it comes

How to say words in Punjabi

I know a lot of people who don’t know how to say some particular words in Punjabi, though they might be using