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Makhalidwe a anthu auzimu

Become Hero/Heroine by developing qualities inherent in them

नायक (Hero) / नायिका (Heroine) बनना हो तो निम्नलिखित गुणों (Qualities) को धारन करने का प्रयास करना चाहीए। विनम्रता (Humbleness) माधुर्य (Sweetness) …

Mechanics of Time

Favourable Unfavourableअनुकूल प्रतीकूल वि़ज्ञानक दृष्टि का प्राणी प्रतीकूल को भी अनुकूल में बदल लेने में सक्षम होता है। One word, able is

Power of defence emanated

At one time when Draupadi found that all forces of self-defence, family power, social order and the collective government failed her and

Eight fold Yoga

Yoga is not merely physical exercise highly sounded by practitioners but eightfold (अष्टाङ्ग योग) exercise for harmonious development of the body, mind

Remain healthy by following these practices

Make habit of early rising before sunrise. सूर्योदय से पूर्व उठने की आदत बना लें। Cleans your morning bowls and do take

Air and the human body

Air:- A mixture of gases. Blowing:- Flow of air in the cavity of mouth and outer atmosphere, without any exchange of gases. …

Divorce Deleted

Divorce is a social disease inherent in the mindsets of many individuals. Marriage actually differs from Vivah in many aspects. Marriage is

Ramayan Download

Here are some links that will help you to download Ramayan in Hindi PDF format. You should note that Ramayan is written

The big man with a big heart

I was traveling in the A/C chair car from Delhi to Nabha when this incident happened. I was asked by a family

Habit of fearlessness

Fearlessness and freedom is gained from confidence and belief. Again, unconditional love and righteousness are attained from the self-confidence itself. A person, …

Habit ofthe other-side vision

The other-side vision is relatively easy to understand: pessimistic and optimistic views have been described quite often by Swāmi Himself. There is

Habit of sustaining the blows

Sustaining the Blows Sustaining the blows is very tough, indeed. Oftentimes, we fall from the tree, unripe due to lack of this

Habit of Steadiness

Steadiness is indispensable for any spiritual aspirant. A small slip from the path could lead to complete turn-over. On the road, accidents

Habit of Righteousness

Righteousness is not a singular term in its meaning—the powerful and weight-carrying word ‘Dharmahas one of its meanings in this word. …

Habit of Admittance of Errors

Admittance of one’s errors is one of the foremost among virtues that can help a genuine spiritual aspirant to rise above the

Habit of Self-sacrifice

Self-sacrifice Self-sacrifice is what we often talk about but do not understand its real meaning. Though it is obvious that we according

Habit of Intensity

Intensity, as Swāmi says, is needed to attain God. It is the intensity of our prayers, our devotion, our yearning that melts

Habit of Non-dual Vision

Non-dual Vision Non-dual vision stands as a prerequisite and most important parameter for developing a spiritual outlook within and without. Till we