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Radio Dio Album Cover

KD revizio de Radio Dio Get Triba

albumo Nomo: Radio God Artist: Get Tribal Total Time: 45:14 Mi aŭdis ĉi albumo en malsamaj kondiĉoj uzante malsamaj platformoj kaj malsamaj parolantoj–first

Peter Kater

CD Review of Love by Peter Kater

Artist’s Name: Peter Kater Album Name: Love Total Time: 71:01 I remember knowing more about Peter through an email interview that I did with

Jeff Oster

CD Review of True by Jeff Oster

albumo: True Artist: Jeff Oster Total Time: 44:24 “The songs of this album speak so many places I’ve never been. There was

Heavens by Paul Adams

CD Review of Heavens by Paul Adams

  albumo: Heavens Artist: Paul Adams Total Time: 60:62 Heavens is a wonderful collection of flute meditative songs composed by Paul Adams, …