A Platform for everything called Travel

Have you ever wondered to find a real good online place where you could everything, I mean almost everything, that you want to know about your travel hunger, or wanderlust as it is often quoted as? Well, there are certainly many travel sites which will give you information about a place, hotels to book, price comparison, and even customer or community reviews. But what about a platform that brings everything in one platter? Would not that be great and like really useful for frequent as well as infrequent travelers?


Tourismembassy seems to be poised for that kind of role of a complete tourism hub. More so because it is not simply focusing on B2C business model where it only talks to travelers, but it has got a lot of features and facilities for people who are involved the business of travel.

This helps in making it like a new social media platform for travelers, travel businesses, and everybody who is interested in anything related to travel.


You talk about discussion and forums around travel, deals and discount information about travel, news and updates from the travel industry across the world, jobs in travel sector, events related to travel, and what not–you name and TourismEmbassy seems to have something for you to offer.

I remember working in a big media company and observing the trend of launching travel sites like every other day–the deal was to share some cool pictures and get traffic from social media. There is hardly any value addition to the traveler’s kitty, leave apart dealing with the people who are in the business of travel.

It seems TourismEmbassy would be the ultimate destination for both customers and business owners to make a pleasurable experience when it comes to anything called travel.



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