That leopard is my spiritual Guru

leopardWatching that leopard in a cage, a sense of commiseration gripped my heart.

I am in a zoo.

Why I visit a zoo, I don’t know. Perhaps I love animals. Or is it the sight of a living being struggling to be free quenches the beastly desires that are latent in me?

The leopard, as I know, is a specie of speed and acceleration. How come he is made to sit and brood in these cubic dimensions of filthy iron rods? Did they try to simulate a forest and ended up creating a faulty representation?

What was the need of this arrangement? How they figured out en-caging a big cat would make a good sight?

How can children learn about the beauty of a creature if they are tempted to offer peanuts because they observe others doing so?

Isn’t this all so shallow and unnatural? How you plan to save fauna by limiting the way they exist?

But the leopard is not sad. His eyes are deep but not remorseful. It seems he has not given up yet.

A new spiritual calm seems to have dawned on him. He seems to be at peace with his surroundings by transcending his very nature. It’s like overcoming the adversity even without fighting it.

Ah, I think this leopard will initiate me into this unexplored spiritual realm.

I bow to you, O Master. You used your speed to quickly gain victory over a totally new territory.



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