Sanskrit Company Names

If you are looking for some Sanskrit company names, you have landed on the right page. To get a Sanskrit company name, it is important to decide whether you want a name translated or transliterated in Sanskrit or want to pick an original word from Sanskrit.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know the name of any other company.

Apple ऐपलः
Google गूगलः
BlackBerry ब्लैकबैरी
Microsoft माईक्रोसोफ्टः
Twitter टविटरः
Nokia नोकिया
Samsung सैम्सङ्गः
Motorola मोटरोला
Ford फोर्डः
Volkswagen फाक्सवैगनः
Audi आडी
Maruti मारुति
Suzuki सुजूकी
Honda हाण्डा
Adidas ऐडीडासः
Nike नाईकी
Reebok रीबाकः
LG ऐलजी
Mercedes मर्सीडीजः




59 Responses to "Sanskrit Company Names"

  1. drd babu says:

    hello sir,
    i am going to start a computer company in rual area. please sugeest me a name. it may contain,
    rural , tech, flowers or any thing that connected with rural. it should also be applicable to technology. thanks

  2. admin says:

    @drd babu
    Computer means “Samganak". You can add “Gramin" or something like that to your business name.

  3. start with k says:

    I would like to start new security agencies and house keeping company, please suggest the same for me…

  4. Sanskrit says:

    @start with k

    Only word that comes in my mind is “क्षेमकरणं”, which would be written as “Kshem-karnam”.

  5. tst says:

    I am very interested to start my own company for consultancy for e marketing, website design etc. I am looking small sanskrit name for it.

    can u help me

  6. mv krishna says:

    we want to start a new business which will give all materials to govt suggest suitable name for it.
    mv krishna

  7. Sanskrit says:

    Well, that’s a very broad subject to suggest. As such, there could be 100 names. I would suggest that you pick a theme or a name itself in English or any other language and see if it could be put in Sanskrit.

    @mv krishna
    Once again, very broad topic. Please pick some category. If you want to go for provider, you can have some name around परिकल्पकः, उपकल्पकः, etc.

  8. Raghav says:

    Hi Vivek,
    I’m looking for a name with an Indian touch for the startup I am planning. We will be dealing with Maps, Data, Voice & Imaging. Any ideas are welcome 🙂
    Thanks in advance,

  9. Vivek Kumar says:

    For data related, you can have something around तत्वानि. Voice could be “स्वरः”, “वाणी”, “शब्दः” “वाक्”, etc.

    You can perhaps have a combination sort of them.

  10. visu says:

    hai ,
    iam going to start a new company .i would like to get help from you for name .plese do

    1. Pisharody says:

      would like to start a business especially in textile. Can you suggest a name?

  11. Sanskrit says:


    Well, I would be able to suggest some words if you can tell me in which field you are starting your company. Thanks!

  12. Kiran says:

    Planning to start a real estate venture. Looking for a name which starts with K and sounds like luxory, pleasure etc


  13. i want a suitable name for a new real estate company

  14. Sanskrit says:


    @letter starting m
    Anything related to these names: धनं, वित्तं, वसुः

  15. vijaya says:

    Hi i am planning to start a travel industry , Pls suggest me some sanskrit word.


  16. MK says:


    We are starting a Development Centre. This company would be developing IT solutions based on MS technologies. Can you suggest any unique name signifying its activities?


  17. k s pattnaik says:

    I am starting a construction company .Please suggest me name which should start from M,Kor D .

  18. Ganesh Thapliyal says:

    I am planning to start trading business in security & safety systems. Please suggest me the names in Sanskrit.
    That shoud be unique & easy to pronounce.

  19. Modular Kitchen and interiors says:

    I want meaningfull name which will create an everlasting impact in people’ s mind..for a modu
    lar kitchen and interior business.

  20. UDAI says:


    i would like to start my own (Animation and Visual FX for feature films) ltd company, pls suggest some good and simple names for new company. The name should stand out & express progressive/prospective in future. kindly suggest a names.

    Thx in advance!


  21. gowtham says:

    i need sanskrit name for a play school

  22. sachin says:

    I am starting my own advertising company. Let me know any word in sanskrit related to advertising or creativity, etc…

    Thank you

  23. k k soni says:

    pls suggest me name for an airline in sanskrit

  24. ketan says:

    plzz suggest me a name for tshirt company

  25. srinivas says:

    i am starting a software company please suggest me a name for it

  26. IMAYARAJ says:



    THANKS !

  27. Hello sir i am student planning to start a company which deals with designing circuits-PCB, robotics related and software apps.
    I would be very thankful to you if you can suggest a name for it.

  28. kannan says:

    plz suggest me a name for food supply company. letter starting A,M,D,V. thanks

  29. meenu gaur says:

    i am planning to start my own interior design company.please suggest me some hindi / sanskrit name starting from alphabet D,K or N -related to creativity.

  30. PALLAVI says:

    we have own Turmeric company. Let me know any word in sanskrit related to advertising or creativity, etc…


    hello frnds am going to start a job consultancy and I wud like to choose an Indian name basically from sanskrit origin. so wud u suggest me some gud1’s. name should start from the given words: R, B, T & O.

    1. sul keshav says:

      if u find please send it on my mail id ……..i want same for my firm

  32. Sanskrit says:

    It could be anything related to Yatra, Bhraman, Paryatan.

  33. Sanskrit says:

    It could be anything around Prakash, Vivritti, Vistara, etc.

    @k s pattnaik
    It could be Nirman, Rachna, Kalpan, Vidhanam, etc.

    @Ganesh Thapliyal
    It could be Vyapar, Nivar, etc.

    @Modular Kitchen and interiors
    It could be Rasvati, Pakshala, etc.

    It could be Hrishtata, Prafullta, etc.

  34. Sanskrit says:

    It could be anything related to Vidyalaya, Pathshala, Avsath, Math, etc.

    It could be anything related to Soochanam, Bodhanam, Updesh, etc.

    @k k soni
    It could be anything related to Vayujah, Aakashjah, etc.

    It could be anything related to Antreeya, Antravasna, Kshomvasnam, etc.

    It is difficult to suggest a random name about software.

    It could be anything related to Nirman, Janak, Srishti, etc. I would say your own names are also good.

    Difficult to tell.

    It could be anything related to Bhojanam, Aahaaram, Khadanam, etc.

    @meenu gaur
    It could be anything related to Vidagadh, Maya, Kaptika, Pratarak, etc.

    It could be anything related to Soochanam, Bodhanam, Updesh, etc.

    It could be anything related to Kritayam, Kriya, Karm, etc.

  35. Mayur says:

    I was looking for a sanskrit name associated with interiors and related with finishing quality job

  36. Sanskrit says:

    I have suggested similar names earlier too. Please check them.

  37. manoj gulati says:

    hello sir,
    i want to start my electronics circuit designing technical company please suggest a nice matching sanskrit name.i will be thankfull to u

  38. g.senthil kumar says:


    i am going to start a pharma marketing company.pls suggest some sanskrit names

  39. Deepak says:

    I am planning to start my own blogging website .This portal is going to give the information about pilgrimages,culture,spiritual etc…please suggest me good and meaningful , successful names for my portal.

  40. Abhishek Gupta says:

    am looking to start up a new food product company mostly potato chips and snacks ..

    suggest me a goood name

  41. Suresh Punjabi says:

    i would like to start a property development company pls suggest a nme wth the word H or B

  42. Ashish Joshi says:

    Sir, I am Starting Solar Product Based Company.Please Suggest the Name for that.


  43. Jhanvi Goswami says:


    I am opening recruitment firm, Pls suggest Sanskrit name.

    Career”,”Destiny” like that…

  44. venkatesh says:

    Sir I am starting a new Art Gallery. Please suggest a good catchy name in Sanskrit.

  45. gurcharan says:

    sir I am starting new radymadegarment retail shop ln manswear plese sugest a sjop namc

  46. Jignesh says:

    Dear Sir

    I am soon to start a fitness center where we shall be offering Yoga, Power Yoga, Rumba, Aerobics, Dance, Nutritional advice etc.

    Can you suggest a suitable name in Sanskrit.

    Kind regards

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  48. ppdc says:

    We want to start a trust to help bright but poor girl students to complete their graduation.
    Im looking for name of trust.
    I want sanskrit name meaning ‘mother’s love’ or ‘beloved daughter’ example vatsalya

    Please suggest

  49. sul keshav says:

    sir i want to open a new landscaping firm ,i want to give name in sanskrit …… should refect the meaning of marathi word’ KSHNANBHAR VISHRANTI’ means small rest like relaxed snap…………………………….please help mi if we suggest other names in sanskrit & english also please send on my mail id …………………………..thanking you

  50. Kalyan says:

    Hi all. could anyone pls suggest some sanskrit names for an organisation that cud mean anything like equality, society, social equality, equal opportunities, equal justice, social development.


  51. daya says:

    Plz suggest a good hind / sanskrit name for a start up of a pharmaceutical company
    We are Team of 5 aggressive passionate team
    Kindly suggest

  52. Nageswararao says:

    Dear sir,
    i want to start my IT infrastructure solutions & Service technical company please suggest a nice matching sanskrit name.

  53. Bhagyashree says:

    hi vivek,
    Very soon I am starting a shop for beauty products and organic agro products but not getting proper name for company , could you please suggest any good sanskrit name for company?

  54. Venu Gopal R says:

    Dear Sir
    I am starting a Event Management but not getting proper name for company please suggest any good sanskrit / English name for company?

  55. Chetan says:

    i want a suitable name for a new real estate company

  56. Vasudev says:

    I am creating a group to social works which is best names in sanskrit pls

  57. Bsp says:

    Dear Sir,
    please suggest the company name for agro product related business

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