Marathi Names of Vegetables

List of Marathi names of vegetables from English

Here is a list of Marathi vegetables names from English. If you would like to know Marathi name of any other vegetable, you can contact us through comment section. We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

Marathi Names of Vegetables
Marathi Names of Vegetables
Brinjal वांगे
Peas वाटाणे
Potato बटाटे
Cabbage कोबी
Cauliflower फुलकोबी
Carrot गाजर
Onion कांदा
Garlic लसूण
Ladyfinger भेंडी
Ginger आलें

71 thoughts on “Marathi Names of Vegetables

  1. please let me know where do i get fresh celery juice or vegetable used in detox diet. also kindly let me know what is celery called in marathi.

    thanx and regards


  2. I need to know marathi names for the following:

    celery (other name than Ajmoda)

  3. Well, I was not able to get any other name for Celery.

    Fennel is known as Badishep.
    Parsley is Cothimbir or Dhania.

    Could not get the names for Lettuce and Collars.

    Kale is not Indian vegetable basically and therefore hardly possible that it would have any other name than its transliteration.

  4. There must be a name for Lettuce in Marathi, according to wikipedia 790000tons of lettuce every year.
    spinach is known as Palak in Marathi.

  5. Well, if Wikipedia states it, we should take that as a linguistic explanation. Yes, Spinach is known as “पालक” in Marathi, Hindi, Panjabi and perhaps in many other languages.

  6. Hi can anyone tell me what is zucchini called in marathi??
    Its there in almost all Italian recipies.. Is it available in Mumbai??

  7. Dear Concern,

    I would like to know all vegetable English name translet in marathi.
    Can you help me out.

  8. Hi , Could someone tell me what is the leafy vegetable ‘chakwat’ called in English ?!

    looking forward for a reply


  9. OOVA is called as AJWAIN in english. and parsley is not cothimbir or dhania….coriander is called as cothimbir in english and dhania is hindi name for cothimbir.

  10. @ila

    These vegetables are not grown in India.

    but you can call “Kale” as “Gobi”, it is look like as similar as “Gobi” .,.,reply

  11. What is the name of kutmuti (a type of bean) and dese(stem of a plant) in English or Latin? Both these are Marathi names.

  12. the above rasna { vanda roxburghii ) is used in treatment of arthritis. what is its marathi
    name ?



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