Marathi Names of Vegetables

List of Marathi names of vegetables from English

Here is a list of Marathi vegetables names from English.

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Marathi Names of Vegetables
Marathi Names of Vegetables
Brinjal वांगे
Peas वाटाणे
Potato बटाटे
Cabbage कोबी
Cauliflower फुलकोबी
Carrot गाजर
Onion कांदा
Garlic लसूण
Ladyfinger भेंडी
Ginger आलें



93 Responses to "Marathi Names of Vegetables"

  1. ravi chavan says:

    please let me know where do i get fresh celery juice or vegetable used in detox diet. also kindly let me know what is celery called in marathi.

    thanx and regards


  2. ravi chavan says:

    i stay in mumbai suburbs

  3. Vivek Kumar says:

    Well, I am not sure where to get it but they call it “Ajmoda” in Marathi. Thanks!

    1. jyoti says:

      its shown as marsh parsley or wild celery, but i dont think either is true

  4. sidharth says:

    I need to know marathi names for the following:

    celery (other name than Ajmoda)

    1. jyoti says:

      collard greens (called haak in kashmir, where it is grown) is the same family that of cabbage and broccoli and kale too. parsley is not the same as kothimbir i am afraid

  5. Vivek Kumar says:

    Well, I was not able to get any other name for Celery.

    Fennel is known as Badishep.
    Parsley is Cothimbir or Dhania.

    Could not get the names for Lettuce and Collars.

    Kale is not Indian vegetable basically and therefore hardly possible that it would have any other name than its transliteration.

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      celery is nearly the same as cilantro or kothimbir/ dhania, just bigger in size and more pungent to taste. parsley is thicker and smaller also more curly and spicy than than cilantro/kothimbir/dhania. lettuce is salad leaves. collards greens is from cabbage family. kale again is from cabbage family closer to wild cabbage and in taste its pungent like radish leaves also looks like big radish leaves

  6. sandy says:


    what we call sitaphal in english

    what we call bor in english

  7. Vivek Kumar says:

    Sitaphal is called Custard Apple in English.

    Bor is called Indian Jujube in English. Thanks!

  8. shailesh says:

    There must be a name for Lettuce in Marathi, according to wikipedia 790000tons of lettuce every year.
    spinach is known as Palak in Marathi.

  9. Vivek Kumar says:

    Well, if Wikipedia states it, we should take that as a linguistic explanation. Yes, Spinach is known as “पालक” in Marathi, Hindi, Panjabi and perhaps in many other languages.

  10. nilesh says:

    english name of mathachi bhaji ?

    1. jyoti karnik says:


      1. jyoti karnik says:

        mathachi bhaji in marathi is called amaranthus in english

  11. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess it is known as “Goan Peas Curry”–not fully sure though.

  12. Vivek Kumar says:

    English name: Indian gooseberry
    Botanical name: Emblica Officinalis

  13. anushree says:

    Hi can anyone tell me what is zucchini called in marathi??
    Its there in almost all Italian recipies.. Is it available in Mumbai??

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      zucchini is from cucurbita family more like kakdi and available in local market

  14. vijay arote says:

    whats called chickpease in marathi. If pic is shown it would be appreciated.

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      chickpeas means chana dal in marathi

  15. Angel says:

    what is english word for “Pavada” or it is also called as “val”

  16. Vivek Kumar says:

    Val is called Lablab Beans, I guess. Thanks!

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      a type of beans

  17. Girish says:

    What mean of Parsley in Marathi Or Hindi

  18. Prakash Patil says:

    I want the Marathi Name of vegetable Parsley

  19. Ashwini says:

    English name of Methi chi bhaji

  20. Amol says:

    parsley means ova… Thanks Amol

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      parsley is not ova. ova is carom seeds or Trachyspermum ammi. there is no marathi or hindi name for parsley. its called parsley and is closer to kothimbir but more dark, small and pungent in taste

  21. Amol says:

    Methi chi bhaji means ‘Fenugreek Leaves’ 🙂

  22. renu says:

    Dear Concern,

    I would like to know all vegetable English name translet in marathi.
    Can you help me out.

  23. Naresh says:

    What is the name for Alkuldya in English.

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      what is alkuldya in any language?

  24. r g pasarkar says:

    fennel in Marathi is Badishep

  25. lina says:

    “hulge” or “kulith” la english word kaay aahe?

  26. saniya says:

    kulith la eng madhe ‘horsegram’ mhantat… can easily find it at Patel brothers….

  27. chakwat says:

    Can anybody tell me what is Chakwat in English

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      chakwat in english is Chenopodium album in hindi it is bathua or chandan bathua

  28. sonam says:

    what is marathi name of daikon

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      daikon is mula in marathi, but with the big root and very small and short leaves….it is a mild-flavored winter radish usually characterized by fast-growing leaves and a long white napiform root.

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      page is deleted

  29. joans says:

    whates the english name of govala

  30. R K Mehta says:

    what is the hindi name of ‘Barbati’. this is a types of vegetable.

  31. KUSUM says:


    1. jyoti karnik says:

      goosefoot plant is from amaranth family like chakwat, rajgira, lal math

  32. Satya says:

    English name of oova is Carom seed.

  33. Ashish Kadam says:

    Hi , Could someone tell me what is the leafy vegetable ‘chakwat’ called in English ?!

    looking forward for a reply


  34. gerry says:

    what is the English name of Nhollkoll a vegetable

  35. Saiee says:

    OOVA is called as AJWAIN in english. and parsley is not cothimbir or dhania….coriander is called as cothimbir in english and dhania is hindi name for cothimbir.

  36. ila says:

    could you please tell me the Marathi name for kale and swiss chard ?


  37. Lovesh says:


    These vegetables are not grown in India.

    but you can call “Kale” as “Gobi”, it is look like as similar as “Gobi” .,.,reply

  38. Lovesh says:


    Sitafal is called as Custard apple

    Bor is called as Plum.,.,.,.,.reply

  39. Lovesh says:


    daikon is called as Radish


  40. nandini says:

    It is called colocasia

  41. nandini says:

    What is the name of kutmuti (a type of bean) and dese(stem of a plant) in English or Latin? Both these are Marathi names.

  42. Swapnil says:

    what is marathi names for veggies like
    Please help me out

  43. Prachi says:


    COLLARDS means ‘Ghosale'(in marathi )

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      collards greens is cabbage family

  44. harshad says:

    lettuce = kakadi

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      lettuce is salad greens and not kakdi. kakdi is cucumber

  45. bhushan says:

    marathi name for celery vegetable

  46. Atul says:

    OVA is called as carom seeds or Bishop’s weed.

  47. Atul says:

    plum is “jardalu” in marathi

  48. Rahul says:

    i don’t know the meaning of “MAYTHI”
    It’s a Marathi Vegitables name.
    pleas send me reply on

  49. Rajesh says:

    Pls send me the marathi name of the vegetable `BATHUA`. Its a hindi word.

    1. jyoti karnik says:

      bathua is chakwat in marathi…check in the above replies

  50. uddhao says:

    marathi name for celery and sweet basil

  51. vicky says:

    sweet basil means tulsi

  52. vicky says:

    plz tell me marathi name of celery

  53. pooja says:

    plz tell me english name of kohnra in marathi

  54. Rahul says:

    Celery in hindi called as अजवाइन, अजवान, अजवायन Ajvain, Ajvan, Ajvayan

  55. sonali says:

    please tell me what is lettuce called in marathi

  56. sanjay says:

    what is celery leaf called in hindi n marati……whr can i find it in mumbai?

  57. rasna [vanda roxburghii) says:

    the above rasna { vanda roxburghii ) is used in treatment of arthritis. what is its marathi
    name ?



  58. sanjana says:

    plz tell me the English name for tondali

  59. somya says:

    Bathua is called “Chaakwat” in Marathi.

  60. simant says:

    tell me the common name in marathi for CELERY & OYSTERS fruits.

  61. amol says:

    what is english name for val(pulse0

  62. anil says:

    celery in