Marathi Names of Body Parts

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List of Marathi names of body parts from English

Here is a list of Marathi names of body parts from English. If you would like to know the Marathi name of any other body, you can contact us or leave your question in the comment section. We will reply accordingly. If you have any suggestion or feedback to make these tutorials better, feel free to let us know.

Marathi names of Body Parts

Marathi names of Body Parts

Body शरीर
Head डोके
Neck मान
Hair केस
Eye डोळा
Nose नाक
Ear कान
Face चेहरा
Tongue जीभ
Tooth दांत
Lip ओठ
Chest छाती
Back पाठ
Leg पाय
Finger बोट
Waist कंबर
Hand हात
Nail नख
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