Marathi Names of Birds

List of Marathi names of birds from English

Here is a list of Marathi names of birds from English. If you would like to know Marathi name of any other bird, you can contact us or ask through comment section of this post. We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

Marathi Names of Birds
Marathi Names of Birds
Sparrow चिमणी
Peacock मोर
Cock कोंबडा
Crow कावळा
Crane बगळा
Cuckoo कोकिळा
Eagle गरुड
Parrot पोपट
Swan हंस
Duck बदकं
Owl घुबड

87 thoughts on “Marathi Names of Birds

  1. A falcon may be called as “शिकरा”.

    A flamingo is not an Indian bird and therefore can’t have an Indian original name–it will be called as “flamingo” only in Marathi also. Thanks!

  2. Parrot is called “Popat” in Marathi…am not sure what they call a Macaw.

    Night hawk can also be called “shikra” I guess. I will get the specific names if I could by consulting someone. Thanks!

  3. I want to know english names of BAHIRA SASANA, GHORPAD, KHANDYA Please mail the english names of above listed marathi birds.

  4. in marathi the name of the bird is chatak .who waits for the rains desparetely . request to give the name of this bird in english n if possible photo .

  5. I wanted an extensive list…of domestic birds, I spot many,,,I get english names as well but not marathi….

    Also tell me what is english name for below:


    Marathi names for

  6. Yea, I understand–there is no extensive name list in domestic languages. The main reason is that research work done in any area is recorded in English language only.

    I will try to provide the names of these birds as soon as possible. Thanks!

  7. Hi,

    can anyone please let me know what is an english word for bird “GHAR”. is it like “GHAR” is female Egale or is it altogether differnt bird specie??


  8. what is marathi name for kite, bull frog, bufo, tortoise, jungle crow, babler, jungle fowl, indian great horned owl & wood shirke. plz reply as soon as possible

  9. Hello there..someone asked about Flamingo birds,
    Flamingo birds are called as “Rohit Pakshi” in Marathi.
    Every year they migrate in huge numbers around Mayani Abhayaranya near Satara.

  10. Please refer to the below link to see Marathi, English and Scientific Names of birds.

    You can also search birds based on English/Marathi Name using the Search text provided within the website.

    Website also has a cool android application which offeres english/marathi bird name search along with many other features. You can download the same directly from here:

  11. cud ne1 gimme…2 3 lines on some birds in marathi
    asn’t, peacock the marathi word n 2 3 lines abt it

  12. What is the English name for ‘kukdya’? It is commonly found making sounds like kuh kuh kukkukukuku. :)) Can be easily mistaken for a common cuckoo.

  13. The english name for ghaar is black kite and it is nt a eagle..whereas dayal is oriental magpie robin,khandya is white throated kingfisher and a falcon is called a sasana and shikra is not a falcon bt a hawk and so is its english name..a drongo or king crow is called as bhujang,asian paradise flycatcher as swargiya nartak,green bee eater is known as veda raghu and a purple sunbird is called jambhla suryapakshi if u want to know any more names u can leave a comment tagged with my name and i will answer ur doubts…

  14. The national bird of nepal is himlayan monal daphne is a local vernacular name.. The marathi name is himlayi kombdi,kombdi indicating its fowl family genus..

  15. I would like to know all the names of Birds found in Maharashtra with there Photos, So that I can introduce birds correctly to my 2 yrs little doughter.

  16. What is the marathi name for greater coucal? According to google its bharadwaj but i remember my granny calling it something else, but i cant remember.

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