Marathi Names of Birds

List of Marathi names of birds from English

Here is a list of Marathi names of birds from English.

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Marathi Names of Birds
Marathi Names of Birds
Sparrow चिमणी
Peacock मोर
Cock कोंबडा
Crow कावळा
Crane बगळा
Cuckoo कोकिळा
Eagle गरुड
Parrot पोपट
Swan हंस
Duck बदकं
Owl घुबड



89 Responses to "Marathi Names of Birds"

  1. amit says:

    thanks for the information
    what is marathi name for falcon, flamingo

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    A falcon may be called as “शिकरा”.

    A flamingo is not an Indian bird and therefore can’t have an Indian original name–it will be called as “flamingo” only in Marathi also. Thanks!

    1. in marathi FLAMINGOS are known as ROHIT

  3. Macaw,night hawk, says:

    please send me the marathi names for these birds.

  4. Vivek Kumar says:

    Parrot is called “Popat” in Marathi…am not sure what they call a Macaw.

    Night hawk can also be called “shikra” I guess. I will get the specific names if I could by consulting someone. Thanks!

  5. Arun says:

    I want to know english names of BAHIRA SASANA, GHORPAD, KHANDYA Please mail the english names of above listed marathi birds.

  6. Vivek Kumar says:

    Bahiri Sasana–Eurasian Sparrowhawk

    Ghorpad–Monitor Lizard (Not a bird)

    Khandya–White-throated Kingfisher, White-breasted Kingfisher, Smyrna Kingfisher

  7. Sandip says:

    I want to know English Name of Salinder who attck with feather on enemy.

  8. mihir says:

    in marathi the name of the bird is chatak .who waits for the rains desparetely . request to give the name of this bird in english n if possible photo .

  9. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is known as “the Pied Crested Cuckoo”.

    This would be a photograph of the same:

  10. Guest says:

    ghorpad is monitor lizard. not iguana.

  11. Vivek Kumar says:

    Thanks for correcting that!

  12. Smita says:

    I wanted an extensive list…of domestic birds, I spot many,,,I get english names as well but not marathi….

    Also tell me what is english name for below:


    Marathi names for

  13. Vivek Kumar says:

    Yea, I understand–there is no extensive name list in domestic languages. The main reason is that research work done in any area is recorded in English language only.

    I will try to provide the names of these birds as soon as possible. Thanks!

  14. Nilam says:

    hi, thanks to correcting this community.

  15. Sakshi says:

    Please mail me the marathi names for following birds
    Bulbul, Dove, Kite, Lovebirds

  16. nightingale says:

    Nightingale la marathi madhe kay mhantat?

  17. reshma says:


    can anyone please let me know what is an english word for bird “GHAR”. is it like “GHAR” is female Egale or is it altogether differnt bird specie??


  18. Rajesh says:

    what is Ghorpad in Hindi called

  19. Amol Kokane says:

    You can refer to list of bird names in marathi uploaded on my website at following url,

  20. Vijay says:

    can you give me english name of Shimpi bird ? i also want a pictures of shimpi’s nest

  21. Amol Kokane says:

    English name for Shimpi bird is Common Tailorbird.

    Don’t have picture for tailorbird’s nest as yet.

  22. P. Sudhir says:

    what is marathi name for kite, bull frog, bufo, tortoise, jungle crow, babler, jungle fowl, indian great horned owl & wood shirke. plz reply as soon as possible

  23. Amol Kokane says:


    You can refer to list of bird names in marathi uploaded on my website at following url,

  24. GAurav says:

    i wanna know the marathi names of humming bird,kingfisher,kite
    plz reply before 3rd jan 2011

  25. Aditya says:

    This is a very time-wasting site ,please none of you come on ths site

  26. swapneel says:

    i need information of at least 2 pages of any 2 birdsin marathi

  27. MADHAV says:

    what is english name for Marathi bird SARAS?

  28. Anand Bhokare says:

    Hello there..someone asked about Flamingo birds,
    Flamingo birds are called as “Rohit Pakshi” in Marathi.
    Every year they migrate in huge numbers around Mayani Abhayaranya near Satara.

  29. kumar says:

    is der ne word in marathi for female crow

  30. Sandip says:

    What is marathi name for :Mallard Duckling, Cardinal, Rosous Hummingbirds and Sun Conures

  31. akash mullewar says:

    I want the scientific name of bahiri sasana bird

  32. akash mullewar says:

    i want the scientific name of bahiri sasana

  33. jitu says:

    I want to know the name of kabootar.
    I know dove, but I want other for black one.

  34. umang says:

    plz tell me the ghar bird in marathi
    what is in english

  35. Sarang says:

    Hi everybody, saw here lot of questions regarding the names of birds. So giving a link to my site. Though the names are for the birds of my area but they are used in Marathi. Hope you all will like it.

  36. girish chonkar says:

    @Vivek Kumar

    In Marathi local language flamingos are called ROHIT pakshi.

  37. girish chonkar says:

    It’s called kite in english. Ghar is for Black Kite or Pariah kite in english.

  38. mahesh sabne says:

    flamingo – in marathi _ Agnipankh

  39. sarang says:

    What is marathi name for ‘Eagle owl’ ?

  40. Kailash says:

    In marathi it is called titwi I want to know the english name of the bird

  41. Marathi says:


    It is known as Red Wattled Lapwing.

  42. Parag says:

    Please refer to the below link to see Marathi, English and Scientific Names of birds.

    You can also search birds based on English/Marathi Name using the Search text provided within the website.

    Website also has a cool android application which offeres english/marathi bird name search along with many other features. You can download the same directly from here:

  43. dillon dcosta says:

    cud ne1 gimme…2 3 lines on some birds in marathi
    asn’t, peacock the marathi word n 2 3 lines abt it

  44. ravindra says:

    @Vivek Kumar
    Flemingo is called agnishikha, because when they fly it looks like a fire tail

  45. ravindra says:

    it also known as rohit pakshi

  46. Anthony Pry says:

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for sharing.

  47. Jung Sterry says:

    Thanks for sharing, this was interesting to read and very helpful.

  48. Sunny says:

    what do v call kiwi in marathi

  49. Anu says:

    Please refer me the english name of bird which called ” Karkocha ” in Marathi

  50. shree says:

    what do we call “Daphne” the national bird of Nepal in marathi

  51. shrey says:

    i want information on birds nest in marathi

  52. vivek says:

    i want picture of birds name – biskanthika , agnipankha bagala

  53. It is really a great and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Rahul.p. raj says:


  55. Amol says:

    What is the marathi names of NESTS of all the birds mentioned above

  56. Mamata says:

    Flamingo is called as” राजहंस”@Vivek Kumar

  57. Debasish Bhattacharya says:

    Please me Marathi Name of the Bird “DOVE’

  58. raj says:


  59. mahesh says:

    Hawk hya bird la marathit kai mhantat ?

  60. anand says:

    plz tell me the ghar bird in marathi
    what is in english

  61. ajeet says:

    i requred 15 /20 birds information at list 1 page of each birds and photo in marathi

  62. pranjali says:

    What is the English name for ‘kukdya’? It is commonly found making sounds like kuh kuh kukkukukuku. :)) Can be easily mistaken for a common cuckoo.

  63. Priscilla Bob says:

    Thanks for the information

  64. madan says:

    what is the english name of ghar

  65. raunak says:

    what is the English name for pingala?

  66. Rohan nikte says:

    The english name for ghaar is black kite and it is nt a eagle..whereas dayal is oriental magpie robin,khandya is white throated kingfisher and a falcon is called a sasana and shikra is not a falcon bt a hawk and so is its english name..a drongo or king crow is called as bhujang,asian paradise flycatcher as swargiya nartak,green bee eater is known as veda raghu and a purple sunbird is called jambhla suryapakshi if u want to know any more names u can leave a comment tagged with my name and i will answer ur doubts…

  67. Rohan nikte says:

    English name for pingala is spotted owlet.

  68. Rohan nikte says:

    The national bird of nepal is himlayan monal daphne is a local vernacular name.. The marathi name is himlayi kombdi,kombdi indicating its fowl family genus..

  69. sameer saralkar says:

    Hi very good information

  70. sameer saralkar says:

    karkocha is called crane in english

  71. hrishikesh says:

    @Rohan nikte

    drongo cha marathi naav ‘kotwal’ ahe na?

  72. Chandra joshi says:

    What is the other name for Kapot Pakshi in Marathi?

  73. Umesh says:

    I would like to know all the names of Birds found in Maharashtra with there Photos, So that I can introduce birds correctly to my 2 yrs little doughter.

  74. ashwini Pawar says:

    What is the marathi name for greater coucal? According to google its bharadwaj but i remember my granny calling it something else, but i cant remember.

  75. poonam says:

    what we cal in english for bird sugran

  76. Ishan says:

    @Vivek Kumar
    Hiiiiiiiii i will like you to say that macaw is known as taleshuk

  77. Apoorv says:

    Falmingo is called ‘Rohit’ in marathi. 🙂@Vivek Kumar

  78. shital says:

    plz tell me english name for RAJHANS

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      It would be ‘swan’.

  79. Dnyan says: