Marathi Names of Animals

List of Marathi names of animals from English

Here is a list of Marathi names of animals from English.

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Marathi Names of Animals
Marathi Names of Animals
Elephant हत्ती
Monkey माकड
Horse घोडा
Deer हरण
Bull बैल
Cow गाय
Buffalo म्हैस
Lion सिंह
Tiger वाघ
Goat बोकड़
Cat मांजर
Dog कुत्रा



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  1. Arun says:

    Can you please tell me what do u call a bear in Marathi? Could you please gimme exact pronunciation?



  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    अस्वला I hope you can read it and know the pronunciation. Feel free to ask anything else if you need. Thanks!

  3. Atharv says:

    can you give me the description and habitats in marathi of

  4. Vivek Kumar says:

    Well that could be difficult but I will see what I can do about this.

  5. manisha kangne says:

    Hi, your website is very useful for our teachers.Thank you

  6. manisha kangne says:

    can you give me the marathi phrases & Idioms.

  7. pranali says:

    can i get the information on lion in marathi plz reply

  8. Namrata says:

    can u plz tell me marathi name for Antelope??

  9. beaver says:


  10. gauri says:

    actually i require information about camel in marathi i search a lot but failed. will u pl help out

  11. wild domestic animals says:

    please give me information of parrot,crow,owl,swan,pigeon,duck,cow,donkey,goat,horse,camel,sheep,monkey,bear,kangroo,wolf,fox,deer, in marathi language

  12. Vinayak Patade says:

    Plz can you tell what is Elephant’s calf and kitten called in marathi.

  13. jennifer albuquerque says:

    can u please translate 2 sentence about the information on five animals

  14. hello ji, i want to meaning in english, so marathi word is REDA

  15. sagar says:

    Dear, plz let me know the Peacock (More in marathi) is male or female.

  16. MOHAN says:

    What do you call the following animals in marathi?

    1. Hippopotomus
    2. Girffe
    3. monitor lizard

  17. umesh says:

    meet me cow information for marathi language

  18. more milk cow information in marashtra clymate says:

    pls give me more then milk cow information in maharashtra claimate.and give details any information about cow.

  19. Harshita says:

    Can any one plz help me out with any five animals detail discription in Marathi
    . Means something abt any five animals in Marathi

  20. soni khemani says:

    little information about 4-5animals and bird

  21. prats says:

    plz give me info about different kind of cows in different country ?

  22. atul says:

    What do we call the sound of a Rabbit in Marathi.

  23. Deepali says:


    I want the details of Cat (Manjar) & Horse (Ghoda) in marathi

    Can you plz help me out?

  24. ADNAN KHAN says:

    give the name of lion and animals

  25. Rekha nair says:

    Is there any bird or animal names starting with N or Y alphabets (in marathi)

  26. sreya says:

    can someone please tell me which animal is called “dukar”in marathi..??

  27. vrushali says:

    kolha marathi word is there any other name in marathi for kolha

  28. Veerkumari says:

    Give me Marathi to Hindi Or Hindi to Marathi translation . Give me any website plz.

  29. Sahil Surme says:

    i want information on horse in marathi….
    can u pls help me

  30. Sahil Surme says:

    or give me any website so i can check it out on it

  31. kenny g says:

    can you please tell me the name of the wild animal in english ( In marathi it is spelled as-tharas-

  32. bugs says:

    is any animal name starts with f (फ़) in marathi?????

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