Telugu Names of Birds

List of Telugu names of birds from English

Here is a list of Telugu names of birds from English. If you would like to know Telugu name of any other bird, you can contact us through comment section.

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Telugu Names of Birds
Telugu Names of Birds
Peacock నెమలి
Cock కోడి
Crow కాకి
Crane కొంగ
Cuckoo కోకిల
Parrot చిలుక
Swan హంస
Dove పావురము
Owl గుడ్లగూబ



68 Responses to "Telugu Names of Birds"

  1. kcreddy says:

    kindly let me know english name of kamuju pitta.

    1. mvspathrudu says:

      kamju pitta (telugu) bater bird (english)

      1. mvspathrudu says:

        kamjupitta is called bater bird in English

        1. jimmiebond says:


  2. yaswanth says:

    These are the names of common birds that every body know.
    It would be more helpful if you could provide the names of birds like BABUL, BULBUL, WOOD PECKER etc..

  3. Vivek Kumar says:

    Thanks! I will try to do that.

  4. Vivek Kumar says:

    Babul is a tree not a bird.

    Bulbul is Pigili-Pitta in Telugu.–పిగిలిపిట్ట

    Woodpecker is Manuvotupulugu in Telugu.–మానువోటుపులుగు

  5. Vivek Kumar says:

    Kamuju Pitta may be called as grey patridge.

  6. Vivek Kumar says:

    Well, Guvva is a general term in Telugu given to a lot of sparrows. So, I am sorry I can’t provide you the specific name of the bird that is shown in the picture. I will try to explore it further and would report if I could get something. Thanks!

  7. Raj says:

    i think guvva pitta is called dove bird

  8. lalitha says:

    wood pecker – vadrangi pitta

  9. lalitha says:

    wood pecker is called vadrangi pitta in telugu, not manuvotupulugu.

  10. rvd prasad says:

    kamujipita called as a quail

  11. rvd prasad says:

    I need full information of kamujipita telugu notes

  12. jitendra says:

    what we say paalapitta bird in english?

    1. pavan says:

      paala pitta : Blue Jay

  13. Vikram says:

    what we say paalapitta bird in english?

  14. Murali krishna midadala says:

    Pala pitta – Indian roller

  15. suresh says:


    wheat is the female parrot name in telugu. pleae help

    Suresh N

  16. G PRASADRAO says:

    Please inform english word for GORENKA bird

  17. G PRASADRAO says:

    I want english name for telugu word GORENKA (BIRD NAME IN TELUGU)

  18. john bunyan v says:

    can u plz tell me the name of nattha kottu? its a big bird with long beak,neck and legs.

  19. sravanthi says:

    I want to know the name of pavuram in english. please tell me

    Thank you.

  20. m says:

    i think pavuramu is called as pigeon…it is not called as dove bird…..

  21. madhu says:

    may i know udutha in english

  22. kumar says:

    madhu it will be clled as SQUIRREL in english

  23. kumar says:

    Sravanti , it is called pigeon in english

  24. chaitanya says:

    Tell me the Telugu Name of Kingfisher Bird & English name of Paala Pitta

  25. ramesh says:

    i want kokila in telugu

  26. chakri says:

    Kokila is called Cuckoo in English.

  27. Sharma says:

    Kokila is Nightingale

  28. Srinidhi says:

    woodpecker is called wadrangi pitta in telugu

  29. Srinidhi says:

    dega ni english lo emantaru?

      1. pavan says:

        sorry not eagle its kite

  30. Srinidhi says:

    kamju pitta is called as quail in english

  31. nomaan says:

    pedda pitta ni english lo em anataru andi please cheppara
    naa qrutagniyatulu…………

  32. RAJU says:

    Dega ni english lo kite ani antaru ok na byeeeeeeeeeee…………………………………………….

  33. swetha says:

    burka pitta ni em antaru

  34. swetha says:

    buraka pitta?

  35. chandu says:

    I want the Name of Gorinka in English. pls tell me

  36. jaya says:

    What is the name of humming bird in Telugu language? Please tell me.

    1. raja says:

      Teetu pitta

  37. owljohn says:

    Korakamju if possible bird image and name pl.

  38. mahitha says:

    pls let me know the telugu meaning of phenix bird

  39. jayaprabha says:

    guvva anTe paavuram. pichika kaadu.

  40. devi says:

    let me know the english name of raabandhu,gorinka and dega

  41. pakshiki paryayapadalu says:

    telugulo pakshi ki paryaya padalu kaavali

  42. sandeep says:

    burka pitta is called as quial

  43. guruprasad says:

    please tel me the different names of owl in telugu

  44. kamju pitta in hindi says:

    mvspathrudu :
    kamju pitta (telugu) bater bird (english)

  45. chanti says:

    ols let me know name of udutha

  46. Alox says:


    i think it called long eared owl just confirm it if u have seen it even i myself dont know exactly the following link directs to FIRST PHOTOGRAPH OF IT IN INDIA TILL DATE!!!!!!!!!

  47. Alox says:



    i think it called long eared owl just confirm it if u have seen it even i myself dont know exactly the following link directs to FIRST PHOTOGRAPH OF IT IN INDIA TILL DATE!!!!!!!!!

  48. Maruthi says:

    what is the English name for “pala-pitta”

  49. raghu says:

    Kindly let me know what do we call paala pitta in english

  50. RAM says:

    kindly let me know telugu name of Humming bird

  51. bhanu says:


  52. charen says:

    katuka pitta nu english lo e mantaru

  53. MUHAMMED says:

    what r d telugu names of following birds

  54. srikanth says:


  55. mazharkhan says:

    My I know kamju in English,plz tell me..

  56. navya says:

    pydipitta and pantharagam names in english with images .

  57. Tom says:

    What is the pedda pitta called in english?

  58. naveen says:

    vasa pitta ni english lo emantaru
    myna ni telugu lo emantaru

  59. srinu says:

    I want to know the english or scientific name of kovnjuu pitta
    (they are small and normally present in villages. Their eggs are in balck in colour and . these species are e economic important.
    .pls help me to find the name .)

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