Telugu Names of Animals

List of Telugu names of animals from English

Here is a list of Telugu names of animals from English. If you would like to know Telugu name of any other animal, you can contact us or ask through comment section of this post.

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Telugu Names of Animals
Telugu Names of Animals
English Telugu
Elephant ఏనుము
Monkey కోతి
Horse గుర్రము
Deer జింక
Jackal నక్క
Pig పంది
Bear ఎలుగుబంటు
Ox కోడె
Cow ఆవు
Buffalo గేదె
Lion సింహము
Tiger పులి
Leopard చిరుతపులి
Camel ఒంటె
Goat మేక
Cat పిల్లి
Dog కుక్క



31 Responses to "Telugu Names of Animals"

  1. deepika says:

    hey plz mention unique names…plz

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    What you mean by unique names? Please mention what exactly you are looking for.

  3. aruna says:

    Can you pls tell me what Hamster is called in Telugu?

  4. Vivek Kumar says:

    It would be “iluka” I guess used for mouse. Hamster is not found in India and can’t have an Indian name as such. Thanks!

  5. vamsi says:

    What is Giraffe called in telugu?

    1. kishore says:

      Kanchara gadidha

      1. Phani says:

        Kanchara Gaditha Ante Zebra

  6. Vivek Kumar says:

    I don’t think it would have a separate name in Telugu than its transliteration.

  7. Rhinoceros says:

    I need some of animals name in telugu

  8. kiran says:

    what do we call “KATLA PAAMU” in english?

  9. Slade says:

    comon krait / banded krait = katla paamu

  10. anu says:

    what do we call ‘mungisha’ in english?

  11. sravanth says:

    Mungisha —- Mongoose

  12. Ravi says:

    What is the name of ‘Vusaravelli’ in English?

  13. Ravi says:

    Also ‘vudum’ in English please.

  14. rafee says:

    what is the name of “Nalli” in English

    1. k says:

      Bed bug .. may be

  15. Naga says:

    what do you call udatha in english

  16. krishna says:

    @Vivek Kumar
    what is giraffe and orangutan called in telugu?

  17. deepak says:


  18. deepak says:

    rattle snake@Slade

  19. bhargav says:

    hey den may i knw wat do v call kangaroo in telugu ??

  20. Shahid says:

    wat is the English name of Rakta Pinjari (Telugu Name) snake ?

  21. ramesh says:

    neeti gurram animal emiti?

    1. Phani says:


  22. gouthamgouthamg says:

    Udhum pattu in english?

  23. gouthamgouthamg says:

    Udhum animal in english?

  24. Phani says:

    Fox = Nakka
    Jackal = Gunta Nakka
    Ox= Eddu

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