Telugu Names of Fruits

List of Telugu names of fruits from English

When learning Telugu names of fruits from English, it is better to understand the script that is used in Telugu.

Please also note that some of the fruits that have become popular in India nowadays are not originally from India, and therefore, don’t have a Telugu name as such but can be simply transliterated in Telugu language.

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Here is a list of Telugu names of fruits form English. If you would like to know the Telugu name of any other fruit, you can contact us through comment section of this post.

We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

At the same time, if you would like to suggest any other name of Telugu fruits, you are more than welcome.

Guava జామపండు
Apple నేరేడుపండు
Mango మామిడిపండు
Grapes ద్రాక్ష
Orange కమలాపండు
Pomegranate దానిమ్మపండు
Jack Fruit పనసపండు



190 Responses to "Telugu Names of Fruits"

  1. munjukaya says:

    munjukaya english name

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    Well, don’t know what fruit is this. Will try to find out and get back to you on this. Thanks for your question.

  3. bharadwaj says:

    i would like to know the telugu name of fruit AVACADO

    1. madhoo says:

      Dont know what it is called in Telugu but in india, it is called Butter Fruit in India

      1. Bhaskar says:


  4. Vivek Kumar says:

    Avocado is not an Indian fruit and therefore it can’t have any Indian name–it will be known as just like that.

  5. sanjay says:

    What should we call apple in telugu? I need clear telugu name for Apple?

  6. sivaaramakrishna says:

    berry fruit called in telugu,mangosteen called in telugu

  7. supriya says:

    i want the english name for battakaya

  8. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess it is known as Citrus Fruit.

  9. sam says:

    Neredu pandu is not apple…they are two different fruits
    Apple in telugu called as “Sepu”

    1. keerthi says:

      yes that is in Telangana

  10. varaprasad says:

    i want telugu name of peaches,pulses (soya and lentils)

  11. Vivek Kumar says:

    Peach is called దొండపండు. For pulses, I guess I would be providing a separate page.

    1. sam says:

      “Dondapandu” is not “Peach”. I do not think there is a telugu equivalent of the word ‘peach’. It is a non native fruit of India. so, it is called ‘peach’ only. However, ‘Dondapandu’ is completely wrong. Please do not give false information without doing research. I appreciate if you can provide authentic reference if peach is really called ‘Dondapandu’ in telugu.

  12. Rajesh says:

    Please tell the telugu name of the fruit prunes

  13. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is known as “Royyalu” I guess.

    1. Divya says:

      Royyalu are prawns/shrimps ! Please do not give wrong information.

      Battaya is tangerine.
      Neredu pandu is Jamun fruit.

  14. Krishna Santosh says:

    Hi all,

    I want to know what are blueberries called in telugu, and also the plant’s name…

  15. praveena says:

    i want to know the names of pears and grape fruit in telugu.

  16. Vivek Kumar says:

    Pear–వొక విధమైన పండు
    Grape Fruit–PAMPARA PANASA

  17. dhandam says:

    babu oka vidamina panda, nayana, babu…
    naku niku dandam pettalo.. ni guddaku dandam pettalo ardham katle nayana……

  18. vinay says:

    reegu pandlanu english lo emantaru??

  19. emo says:

    reagu pandu thelidu kani
    regadanni english lo emantaro thelsu 🙂

  20. Vivek Kumar says:

    I am sorry but I don’t understand Telugu as such, so won’t be able to comment what you people want! 😛

  21. bharath says:

    what cherry fruit called in telugu

  22. sj says:

    apple is called as ‘seema regi pandu’ in telugu is that right some one has written it is called as ‘sepu’ in telugu but it is not ‘sepu’ is called in kannada not in telugu

  23. Ela says:

    What’s Papaya called in Telugu?

    1. chamanthi says:

      papaya is called as bobbasakaya

  24. bharath says:

    నేరేడుపండు ni apple antara edhava…thelayaka pothey thliya nattu vundali…nenu vundadam ledha ….please dont mention, if u dont no abt it…….namaskaram.

  25. durga says:

    Dear bharath:
    you are great, well said
    “నేరేడుపండు ni apple antara edhava…thelayaka pothey thliya nattu vundali…nenu vundadam ledha ….please dont mention, if u dont no abt it…….namaskaram”

  26. vicky says:

    HI! friend’s did u this fruit name in telegu (apricota) if u can ……..

  27. SURESH says:

    Hello vivek kumar
    the name of “Pear is Perikkai and Grapes is ‘Draksha’ not PAMPARA PANASA” ok get correct names and tell to any one ok. I am not insulting u but telling u thats it.

  28. savvy says:

    wats d name fo taadmanjurulu??

  29. Dineshwar says:

    Apple in Teludu is called “Jaldaru Phalamu”

  30. nagendra says:

    apple in telugu is called “seema regi pandu”

  31. sri says:

    orei, nee yayya, soda sodi na kodaka …………..
    teliste correct ga cheppu……….. don’t bluff people.
    battakaya…………. orange
    kamala kaya………… sweet lemon

  32. div says:

    grapefruit is different and grapes is different,
    grapefruit is pampara panasa,grape isdraksha

  33. lime fruit, tangerines and soya beans says:

    send me the telugu names of the above mentioned fruits

  34. varu says:

    Reegu pandunu English lo “JUJUBI” antaru.

  35. priya says:

    i think so neradu pandu is black berry but that is not an apple i want to get the correct name of apple in telugu if anyone knows please let me know

  36. Arvind says:

    Hi peaches ni Telugu lo emantaru ?

  37. Arvind says:

    Apple ni seema regi pandu antaru

  38. Arvind says:

    Tomato ni telugulo emantaro cheppagalara?

  39. Harshavardhan Karakampalle says:

    First of all, many of the fruits are non-native and hence are imported from other countries along with native and locally given non-native names. These vary from place to place e.g., Potato- Bangaladumpa, Urlagadda, Aloogadda, etc.

    Similarly, many of the fruits are locally termed in Telugu by referring them as fruits of/from cities (seemalo pande phalamulu).

    Also to note, many non-native fruits do not have local names. They just referred as variants of the existing ones. Eg. Berries. (Berry- kaya or pandu referred to smaller sizes, usually prefixed by their colours- blue, black, rose, etc.)

    A few of them for your reference:

    Tomato or Love-Apple: takkali pandu or karpurapu vankaya or seema
    budda boosara kaya, mulakkaya.
    Brinjal (product of Egg-plant): vanga chettu kaya kabatti vankaya
    Orange: Narinja, Kamala pandu
    Lime (Derived from this):
    Lime: Nimma pandu
    Great-Lime: Gaja nimma pandu
    Sweet-Lime: Baththayi pandu or Cheeni pandu
    Papaya: boppayi pandu or parindi pandu
    Apple: Seema Regu Pandu (A kind of locally grown regu pandu)
    Custard-Apple: Seetha Phalamu
    Bullock’s heart Apple/ Red Custard Apple: Raama Seetha Phalam
    Rose-Apple: Allo Neredu pandu
    Pine-Apple: Anasa pandu
    Wood-Apple or Elephant-Apple: Velaga pandu
    Gourd (Derived from this):
    Snake-gourd: Potla kaya
    Bitter-gourd: kakara kaya
    Bottle-gourd: sora kaya
    Pumpkin: gummadi kaya
    Melon (Derived from this): kharbuja pandu leda puchcha kaya
    Water-Melon: often referred as tharbuja pandu or molaam pandu
    Bitter-Melon: Verri puchcha kaya
    Peach: Sapthala pandu (Its similar to Donda pandu NOT donda pandu)

    At the end, I would like to mention, I was very much apprehensive and really shocked to see many vague and wrong answers in this page. Instead, one could have referred available materials or consulted teachers to know the correct answers. I feel, gradually the patronage for Telugu is being lost owing to two main reasons: a) dramatic cultural westernization and b)stronger effects of artificial, slang and filmy language adopted heavily by most of the youth today.

    Language knows no boundaries. Language should not get limited only to certain classes of people. I urge and earnestly request each and everyone (including me with everyone), to uphold the practice of learning mother tongue language even after one’s High-School Education, as one’s contribution to preserve the age-old linguistic culture and traditions of highly civilized India. Allow future generations to feel the proud heritage of our mother India.

  40. dhonda pandu says:

    hii,, dhonda pandu ledha dhonda kaya ni english loo emantaruu

  41. shweta says:

    dude….hw many tyms sum1 can search abt da blueberries name in telugu…this website name s dat bt no answer for dat…dis s really annoyin…plzz let me kno wat s blue berry called in telugu….!!!

  42. shweta says:

    plzz blueberry ni telugu lo emantaro plzz evaraina chapara…!!!

  43. Vivek Kumar says:

    Sorry for being late on this but blueberries are not native to India and therefore do not have any original name in Telugu. Thanks!

  44. madhu says:

    i would like to know the telugu name of “Grape fruit”.

  45. srinath says:

    orey evadraa neeeku cheptindi nerudupandu ni apple antarani.evadraa neeku saduvu chepindi

  46. Ram says:

    Blue berries in telugu called as neredu pandu . check out the images of blue berries you will know by looking at them.

  47. fire says:

    peach ni sapthalu pandu ani antaru

  48. raj says:

    donda pandu ni zerkins antaru

  49. syam says:

    Thaati pandu or Thaati kaya ni emantaru?
    Theygalu or Thati theyga ni emantaru?
    Anyone can tell this?

  50. AK says:

    thegalu is called Palmyra palm sprouts i guess

  51. AK says:

    munjukaya is called toddy palm seeds

  52. satish says:

    wat do u cal narinja in telugu.
    its written in above conversation like narinja and kamala are same…
    but they were different.

  53. teja says:

    regi pandu ni English lo em antaru.

  54. sandhya says:

    regi pandu in english we call as BAIROES, naredu pandu in english we call as JAMUNS. All these are correct no doubt about these names.

  55. sandhya says:

    munjalu we call in english as ICE APPLE.No doubt about it.

  56. sandhya says:

    black berries r not neredu pandu. blackberry grow like bunches.

  57. nims says:

    its very intresting (by this we can collect many words)

  58. Vinay says:

    Hi! How many of you read “Kanyasulkam” by “Gurizada Apparao”?

    It makes an excellent reading. Any way, for the benefit of those who have not read the book : Mr Gireesam is the hero and Venkatesam his student. Gireesam accompanies his student to his home in the village.Girisam is supposed to be teaching English to his ardent disciple. Venkatesm’s mother (an orthodox brahmin lady) while serving food asks her son “what do they call MINUMULU in English”. He has a real problem. He thinks a bit and answers “IS”.Then,his mother asks “fine, what then are PESALU called?”.This time Venkatesam has no problem. He answers with out any hesitation “WAS”.Well, the poor lady is highly impressed with the scholarship of her son and highly appreciative of his teacher.

    Well, I am equally impressed with your scholarship of “Telugu Language”.

  59. DR.SURABHI says:

    some of the replies are wrong,it is better to show the picture also ,but how to get the pictures of fruits

  60. DR.SURABHI says:

    some of the answers in this are not correct

    it will be better to show the picture of the fruit also ,but how we can get pictures of fruits

  61. AtchutaDesai.P says:

    mangosteen is called as “polapandu”=polafruit by the hilltribes in the RAMPA Country of Godavari agency.There is a 4447 feet dummakonda peak surrounded by villages POLOVA POLAMANUGONDI POLODDI named after pola. tree.

  62. subbu says:


    thanx we can know a lot 4m ur post
    melons are two varieties
    the first one is water melon: pucchakaya
    and the other one is
    musk melon : karbooja kaya

  63. subbu says:

    naarinja itself is a telugu name

  64. Vijaya says:

    Seethaphal ni Emantaru

  65. pinky says:

    seethaphal : custard apple

  66. pavithra says:

    what they say to blueberry and bilberry in english

  67. pavithra says:

    what they say for blue berry and bilberry in telugu

  68. sweety says:

    subbu :
    naarinja itself is a telugu name

    palm fruit ante enti telugu lo plz can anyone tell this??

  69. dheeraj says:

    grape fruit in telugu

  70. Srikarsh Vardhan Reddy says:

    Srikarsh Vardhan Reddy :
    apple – seema regipandu సీమ రేగిపండు, Kaasmeera phalamu కాశ్మీర ఫలము
    Other apple fruits:
    custard apple- seethaaphalamu సీతాఫలము
    great red custard apple – raamaaphalamu రామాఫలము
    thorn apple – ummeththa kaaya ఉమ్మెత్తకాయ
    wood apple- velakkaaya వెలక్కాయ
    rose apple – allo neredu pandu అల్లోనేరేడు పండు

  71. Pavani says:

    blue berry ante telugulo eetha pallu antaru. evi ekkuvaga mahabub nagar dist lo dorukutai. only summer lo vuntai.

  72. RDB says:

    @Vivek Kumar


  73. satish says:

    Peach in telugu called as

  74. ayilam says:

    what is meant by grapefruit in telugu?

  75. Rachel says:

    Royallu in English Prawns in Hindi Jinghe

  76. satish says: