Bengali Names of Birds

List of Bengali names of birds from English

Here is a list of Bengali names of birds from English.

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Bengali Names of Birds
Bengali Names of Birds
Peacock ময়ূর
Cock মোরগ
Crow কাক
Crane বক
Cuckoo কোকিল
Kite চিল
Owl পেঁচা



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    which birds are called-chokh gelo, piu kaha and bou kotha kow in bengali?

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    Chokh Gelo is hawk cuckoo

    Bou Kotha Kow is Indian cuckoo

    I am sorry but I can’t find Piu Kaha.

  3. Radhika says:

    Which bird is called shalik in bengali ?

    1. Sreerup Banerjee says:

      Indian maina

  4. Vivek Kumar says:

    Shalik is the name given to Indian Myna.

  5. s datta says:

    1. kokil is not cuckoo as written here. the english name for kokil is “Asian koel”

    2. bou kotha kao = indian cuckoo (rightly said by vivek kumar)

    3. chokh gelo = hawk cuckoo (again rightly said by vivek kumar)

    4. there are several “shalik”. a) shalik = common indian mynah

    b) gang shalik = bank mynah

    c) jhNut shalik or jongli shalik = jungle mynah

    d) guye shalik = pied mynah

    1. Kishalay Bhaumik says:

      চোখ গেল , পাখিটা আমরা পাপিয়া নামে চিনি

  6. Vivek Kumar says:

    You are right but Asian Koel is still included in the family of a cuckoo. Thanks for providing and verifying other names.

    Feel free to add more names in Bengali if you know them.

  7. sudip says:

    which birds are called kakatua in bengali?

  8. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess it is known in the same name with transliteration.

  9. sandip says:

    Please send me details about 1. Ashy drongo, 2. asian koel, 3. asian openbill, 4. asian pied starding, 5. bali hans, 6. basanta bouri, 7. bene bou, 8. bengal bushlark, 9. black-crowned night heron, 10. black-neaded munia, 11. black-hooded oriole, 12. black-rumped flameback, 13. blue rock pigeon, 14. blue throuted barbet, 15. breasted waterhen in bengali language .

  10. Neelima says:

    Which bird is called Babui pakhi in Bengali?

  11. Ritabrata Roy says:

    Probably Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus). However, in southern part of West Bengal Black-breasted Weaver (Ploceus benghalensis) and Streaked Weaver (Ploceus manyar) are more common. All of them are called Babui.

  12. Gappa says:

    what is the english name of bansh pakhi?

  13. Sovan says:

    Please let me know the Bengali name of the following birds :
    1. Swallow
    2. Nightingale
    3. Magpie


  14. indrani dutta says:

    is there any bird whose name is ‘moupiya’ in bengali?

  15. S.N.Lhiri says:

    Please inform
    1. Which bird is called ‘CHATAK’ in Bengali?
    2. Which bird is called ‘PIU KANHA’ in Bengali?

  16. A. baidya says:

    bansh pakhi = green bee eater
    asian openbill stork = samukh khol
    basanta bouri = coppersmith barbet
    oriental magpie robin = doyel

  17. mrinal guha says:

    what is the bangle name of cardinal bird ?

  18. mrinal guha says:

    what is the Bengali name of cardinal bird ?

  19. saptarshi says:

    what is the Bengali name for sea-gull pls?

  20. mandira sen says:


  21. Rehana says:

    List of Bengali names of Birds in English
    1) Bhatri–Common Quail
    2) Moyur–Peacock
    3) Boro shoral–Fulvous Whistling-Duck
    4) Sharal–Lesser Whistling-Duck
    5) Nakta–Comb Duck
    6) Bali hans-Cotton Pygmy-goose
    7) Peeing hans–Gadwall
    8) Patari hans–Common Teal
    9) Giria hans–Garganey
    10) Sholoncho–Northern Pintail
    11) Panta_mukhi, Khunte hans–Northern Shoveler
    12) Bhuti hans–Ferruginous Pochard
    13) Bamuniya hans–Tufted Duck
    14) Badami kaththokra–Rufous Woodpecker
    15) Kaththokra–Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker
    16) Sonali kaththokra–Black-rumped Flameback
    17) Sobuj bosontobauri–Lineated Barbet
    18) Nilgala bosonto_bauri–Blue-throated Barbet
    19) Bosonto bauri–Coppersmith Barbet
    20) Mohonchura–Common Hoopoe
    21) Neelkantha–Indian Roller
    22) Neelkantha–Indian Roller
    23) Chotto maachranga–Common Kingfisher
    24) Machh ghorel–Stork-Billed Kingfisher
    25) Sadabuk manchranga–White-throated Kingfisher
    26) Photka maachranga–Pied Kingfisher
    27) Banshpati–Green Bee-eater
    28) Shah Bulbul; Papiya–Pied Cuckoo
    29) Papiya–Large Hawk-Cuckoo/Common Hawk-Cuckoo
    30) Kuku–Eurasian Cuckoo
    31) Borsha pryio–Plaintive Cuckoo
    32) Kokeel–Asian Koel
    33) Kubo–Greater Coucal
    34) Choto kubo–Lesser Coucal
    35) Chandana–Alexandrine Parakeet
    36) Tia–Rose-ringed Parakeet
    37) Madna–Red-breasted Parakeet
    38) Talcharai–Asian Palm-Swift
    39) Batasi–House Swift
    40) Laksmi pencha–Barn Owl
    41) Bhutum pencha–Brown Fish Owl
    42) Kuture pencha–Spotted Owlet
    43) Kal pencha–Brown Hawk Owl
    44) Raat_chora–Large-tailed Nightjar

    1. Language Enthusiast says:

      Can’t thank you enough for providing this extensive list of Bengali names of birds.

  22. deepankar says:

    Falcon is Cheel in Bengali

  23. deepankar says:

    Falcon is Cheel in Bengali

    Piu Kanha is Common Hawk cuckoo,Shalik is martin, Babui is Weaver Bird Mou Pya is Purple sunbird

  24. rima says:

    hello everybody

  25. Nurul Huq says:

    What is ‘Ketoki’ bird? Please describe this bird

  26. sanchita says:

    Thank u Rehana..I had long been waiting for the common bengali names.keep posting some more.

  27. David says:

    What is the English name of Bigri Hans? Is it the same as Bhuti Hans?

  28. Indranil says:

    @Vivek Kumar
    Chokh gelo is the same as Piu kahan…refer to Kazi Nazrul Islam’s song…

  29. Farabi says:

    korak pakhi kkonta????

  30. Shibaji Biswas says:

    What is the English name of ‘Titir’?

    1. Parikshit says:

      Partridge holo titir

    2. Sumita Chatterjee says:

      Pratridge is the English name of titir

  31. Abhik Gupta says:

    @Lagnajit Roy
    Shikre Baaj

  32. Suryasnata says:

    Shalik is called common myna , in Bengali.

  33. Ashok Das says:

    Which is the Bengali name of ashy prini

  34. Ashok Das says:

    What is the bengali name of coppersmit baebet

  35. Meow says:

    Whats The English Name Of Shalik ???

  36. aditi chatterjee says:

    what is the Bengali name of the bird called copper smith in english?

  37. I am a Bird lover, the english name of Shalik is Starling : Coppersmith Baerbet is Bashanta Bauri . I would like to know the Bengali names of Chat & Robin. Please help.

    1. Language Enthusiast says:

      Thanks for providing the Bengali names of these birds.

  38. ORIOLE says:

    what is the bengali name of ORIOLE

    1. Parikshit says:

      Shona bou

  39. Debraj says:

    Chat: Local names include Kala pidda in Hindi Shyama

    Robin: Doel (National bird of Bangladesh)
    @Manjusree Ray

  40. Lipi says:

    What is the english of TITIR BIRD?

    1. Language Enthusiast says:

      A lot of people associate Grey Francolin or a Partridge with the name of a Titir bird. However, I feel that a bird looking like a Turkey is called a Titir.

  41. rahul says:

    thanks for those names..i hd been askd lng about those names..

    1. Language Enthusiast says:

      You are welcome, Rahul!

  42. Krishna Kumar says:

    Whats latin and english name for bird known as Bauk in Bangla

  43. SUBHASH SAHA says:

    What is the Bengali name of Great Barbet??

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