Bengali names of fruits

List of Bengali names of fruits from English-ফল

Here is a list of Bengali names of fruits from English.

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Grape আঙ্গূর
Mango আম
Pine Apple আনারস
Jack Fruit কাঁঠাল
Orange কমলালেবূ
Banana কলা
Guava পেয়ারা



63 Responses to "Bengali names of fruits"

  1. Mrin says:

    what could possibly be the English term for ‘panifol’? thanks 🙂

    1. Soumyendu Mukhopadhyay says:

      Water Caltrop

    2. Kausar says:

      Water chestnut

    3. Ujjal Roy says:

      Water chest nut

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess it is called “water chestnut”.

  3. Tania says:

    what is jamrul,shakha alu, bel,batabi lebu,nashpati,taal, called in english ?

    1. john gomes says:

      Bel is called stone apple

  4. trveen says:

    Jamrul is wax jambu
    bel may be quince
    Nashpati is pear
    Batabi lebu maybe pommelo

    1. Priya Mallik says:

      I thought Wood-apple

  5. Saugata Roy says:

    What is the English of “Amsokto”

    1. katherina says:

      its i guess mango bar

  6. r says:

    english for taal shaash ?

  7. Radhika says:

    I think shakha aloo is “jicama”.

  8. nivedita says:

    what is the bengali name for blue berries and black berries?

  9. abaca says:

    i think the services is not avalable for everybody. becouse to day i search minimam 50 words.i get answer only 4 words. to day i open the common fruite list.most of name i do not get. ex i search bleanberry i get answer when i search blueberry i do not get answer!!! so ……

  10. snigdha says:


  11. mandira sen says:

    like to know bengali names for common birds with picture

  12. Tareque says:

    tooth fal er english ki? keo janle janaben ekhane ki?

  13. Arnav says:

    Bel=Wood apple
    Jamrul= Wax apple
    Tooth fal=Mulberry

  14. rima says:

    kindly anybody told me the english name of jambura.

  15. Rehana says:

    jambura or batabi lebu is in english–pomelo (Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis)

  16. Saptarshi says:

    Kindly let me know the english name of Anshphal…

  17. Rehana says:

    Anshfal is known as longan or longyan in English.

  18. rima says:

    rehana would to like to be my friend.if your ans is no then……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………from me you will get your reply soon.

  19. sazzad says:

    blueberry bangla name ?

  20. mdg says:

    Please let me know the bangla name of Apricot

    1. S Chakravarty says:

      apricot in bengali is called khobani

  21. devaki says:

    Please let me know the english name of koghbael called in bengali

  22. noor says:

    plz tell me the english name of “KAMRANGA”.

    1. Tuhin Chatterjee says:

      Star Fruit

  23. nimaa says:

    what is AMRA called in English?

  24. sanjib says:

    What is grapefuit in Bangla?

    1. Tuhin Chatterjee says:

      Batabi Lebu

  25. Anil pal says:

    what is the bengali name of figs (Anjeer in Hindi)?

  26. ultimatum says:

    KAMRANGA is star fruit

  27. Tumpi Das says:

    grapefruit in bengali is ANGUR

  28. Mallika Ghosh says:

    Grapefruit in bengali is mousombi lebu, grapes are angur.

    1. Tuhin Chatterjee says:

      Mousambi is sweet lime

  29. yuthi guin says:

    fig is DUMUR in bengali

  30. Pranab majumdar says:


  31. Enakshi says:

    Apricot bengali name is Akhrot

  32. Enakshi says:

    Fig menas Dumur

  33. Munni Kapadia says:

    Tootfal in English is Mulberry

  34. Munni Kapadia says:

    Mulberry’s Bengali name is tootfal & in Urdu Shehtoot

  35. Krishna says:

    what is Abiyuch in bengali fruit?

  36. sankar says:

    What is the bengali name of Kiwi?

  37. Sharmila Dutta says:

    what is the bengali name of Acai berry ?

  38. Ranajit says:

    What is bengali name of AVACODA?

  39. Ranajit says:

    What is the bengali name of Avocado?

  40. dhiman says:

    What is the bengali name of strawberry.
    what is pesch

  41. imtiaz says:

    what is the english name of AMRA ???

  42. sweet says:

    graviola…. what this fruit ?

  43. Kuntal Ghosh says:

    GRAVIOLA also known as God’s Fruit and Hanuman fal in Hindi is a very stong cure for CANCER …but if anyone knows its Bengali name please let me know also@sweet

  44. mdg says:

    Tumpi Das :
    grapefruit in bengali is ANGUR

    @Tumpi Das

    wrong answer. Its a different fruit and not grape

    1. john gomes says:

      Grapefruit is same like batibi but small&sweet.

  45. dpb says:

    the nearest to grapefruit that we have in bengal is batabi lebu. Apricot is khobani and walnut is akhrot. Does anyone know what taal shaansh is called in bengali?

  46. Monideepa says:

    kindly let me know the Bengali name of the fruit Acai berry
    Heard it is very good for High blood pressure

  47. Priya Mallik says:

    what is the bengali of kiwi fruit?

  48. Dron Das Purkayastha says:

    what is Boroi in english

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