Hindi names of vegetables

List of Hindi names of vegetables from English–सब्जियाँ

Here is a list of Hindi names of vegetable from English.

In the present times, a lot of vegetables are imported and a lot of vegetables are available in the market that were not there earlier.

It is difficult to get the Hindi names of those vegetables and only the transliteration of such vegetables is available from English to Hindi.

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Hindi Names of Vegetables
Hindi Names of Vegetables
Brinjal बैंगन
Peas मटर
Turnip शलगम
Tomato टमाटर
Spinach पालक
Radish मूली
Potato आलू
Cabbage गोबी
Carrot गाजर
Onion प्याज
Chilli मिर्च
Lemon नींबू
Ladyfinger भिण्डी
Ginger अदरक



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