Hindi names of vegetables

List of Hindi names of vegetables from English–सब्ज़ियां

Here is a list of Hindi names of vegetable from English. If you would like to know the Hindi name of any other vegetable, you can contact us through comment section or directly. We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

Hindi Names of Vegetables
Hindi Names of Vegetables
Brinjal बैंगन
Peas मटर
Turnip शलगम
Tomato टमाटर
Spinach पालक
Radish मूली
Potato आलू
Cabbage गोबी
Carrot गाजर
Onion प्याज
Chilli मिर्च
Lemon नींबू
Ladyfinger भिन्डी
Ginger अदरक

247 thoughts on “Hindi names of vegetables

  1. This is a Big List, Kindly drop me a mail when u answer…..

    Brussels sprouts
    green beans
    red cabbage
    string beans

    1. Well, it sounds like you sort of joked. Many of the names do not contain vegetables but other items like cod. However, I will try to answer as many as I could. Turnip I already gave–did you read the post?

    2. Here is my reply about this:

      The following names I could find:

      Cantaloupe–एक तरह का पेठा
      Green Beans–फली
      Lettuce–पालक के तरह पौदा
      Scallions–हरा प्याज
      Squash–एक तरह का पेठा
      String Beans–फली

      The followings are not vegetables:

      Prunes (dried plum)
      Grape Fruit

      The following are not found in India and therefore do not have any Hindi name. You can use the transliterated form of these names if you want to use them.

      Brussels Sprouts
      Chives (a type of onion)
      Leeks (similar to garlic)
      Red Cabbage

      I am happy that you asked this long list but I am sorry that many of those did not have vegetables' names. If you have more feel free to ask. Have a nice time!

  2. Thyme and Parsley are called “अजवाइन”.
    Miso is not a vegetable: A thick paste made from fermented soybeans and barley or rice malt.
    Sage is known as “kamarkas”.
    Bhutta or Bhoota is known as cob.

    1. Snake gourd is d eng name of chichinda….cnt be turaii or parwal.plz dont post wrong words.tk excuse where u r nt sure.

  3. I need to give someone broccoli, he is suffering from some stomach gastric infection. I know its very difficult to get in india. The thing is none of them know what it is when I tell that english name. Where should I ask now?

  4. Hi we are looking for a frozen fruit such as Blue Berry, Rasp berry,strawberry,Mango.

    if anyone who can help us in getting these vendor in mumbai will be great

    Thanks & Live Forever!!!!
    Michael Elangovan
    Stock & purchase Manager

  5. 1-”Celery” is also called Ajwain & “Parsley” is also..what is the basic difference is in between them?Plz specify.I didn’t get satisfactory result even on Google or in Wikipedia.I jz came to know that BOTH ARE DIFFERENT.Botonical name of Parsley is “Petroselinum crispum” & botonical name of Celery is “Apium graveolens”.Plz specify its common hindi name.

    2-What is the Hindi name of -”Romaine lettuce”.Its a green leafy vegetable used in salad,not frequently or rarely used in India.

    3-Hindi common name of

    =>SQUASH (3 types.Botonical Names-Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita moschata, and Cucurbita melopepo)but what is real SQUASH?Plz tell its hindi name.

    4-Hindi common name of
    =>ZUCCHINI(another confusion regarding its name.As per someone’s knowledge(?)it is called “Tori” or “Toraii”.If it is so then Ridge Guard is also called “Tori” or “Toraii”.Please clear the confusion & describe its name in detail)

    Waiting for positive response.


  6. wo koun si sabji (Vegetable name in Hindi) hai , jiska pahla lafz kat de to ek kimti cheez ka nam, or last kat de to sweet dish ,or do no kat de to ladki ka nam banta hai

  7. Parval or Patal is pear gourd, Snake Gourd is Bodi(In Bihar, Jharkhand) or (barbatti)in UP and MP. Suran is Elephannt leg in english.Celery not dhaniya,

  8. Dear Vivek Kumar, please write correct spelling of “Sabziyan” in hindi. ja me “e kaar” left se yani “chhoti e ki matra” or ja ke niche bindi lagegi.

  9. Arum is Arbi
    Elephant’s Foot is Suran
    Cluster beans is Guvar falee
    Brinjal/Aubergine/Eggplant is Baigan
    Lady’s fingers is Bhindi/okra
    Bottle gourd is Laokee
    Ridge gourd is Tinda/jhingi/jhingli
    Cucumber is Khira
    Bitter gourd is Karela

    and i was wrong, in fact

    Long beans are Bodi and
    Snake gourd is kakdi

  10. English Hindi Picture
    Amaranth Chauli, Chowlii, chavleri, lobia phali
    Apple Sev
    Apricot Fresh Khoobani
    Apricot Dried Khoobani
    Arrowroot Paniphal, Tikora
    Asah Gourd Petha
    Asparagus Shatwar, Sootmooli, Musli
    Avocado, butterfruit Makhanphal
    Banana Kela
    Bael, Stone apple, Bengal quince Bel, siriphal
    Bell Pepper Shimla Mirch
    Bitter Gourd Karela
    Black Eye Beans, Green Lobia Phali
    Beet Root Chukander
    Blueberries Nilabadari, Falsa(?)
    Bottle Gourd
    Chinese Melon
    Long Melon Loki (Lauki)
    Broccoli Hari Phool Gobhi
    Brussels Sprout Chhoti Gobhi
    Cabbage Pattagobhi/Bandhgobhi
    Cantaloupe Kharbuja
    Capsicum (green pepper/bell pepper) Shimla/Kashmiri Mirch
    Carrot Gajar
    Cauliflower Phoolgobhi
    Celery Celery
    Chakothra, Pomelo Chakotra
    Chili Mirch
    Cluster Beans Gawar Phali
    Coconut Khopra/Narial
    Colocassia Arbi
    Colocassia Leaf Arbi Patta
    Coriander/Cilantro Dhania
    Corn/Maize Bhutta/Macca
    Cucumber Kheera
    Custard Apple Shitaphal, Saripa
    Dill Suwa
    Eggplant (brinjal) Baigan
    Endive Gulsuchal
    Fennel Moti Saunf
    Fenugreek Leaves Methi
    Fig Anjeer
    French Beans Flash (Frash) Beans
    Garlic Lahsun
    Ginger Adrak
    Ginger Dry Saungth
    Grapes Angoor
    Guava Amrud
    Indian Gooseberry Amla
    Jackfruit Kathal
    Jamoon, Jambu Fruit, Blackberry Jamun
    Karonda, Carissa carandas Karonda, Karanda
    Lettuce Salad Patta, Kasmisaag
    Lime Nimbu
    Lemon Galgal/Nimbu
    Lotus Stem, Lotus root Kamal Kakdi, Bhien, Natal Plum
    Lychees Lichi
    Mango Aam
    Mint Leaves Pudina
    Mulberry Shehtooth
    Mushroom Guchi/Kukurmutta
    Mustard leaves Sarson Ka Saag
    Okra (Lady Finger) Bhindi
    Olive Jaitun
    Onion Pyaz
    Onion-green, Spring Onion Hara Pyaz
    Orange Narangi
    Papaya Papita
    Parsley Ajmoda, Ajmod, Ajmud, Bariajmud
    Peach Aahroo
    Peanut Moongfali
    Peas Matar
    Dried Green Peas Matar
    Pineapple Ananas
    Pinenut Chilgoza
    Plum Aloobukara
    Pomgranade Anaar
    Potato Alu
    Prunes Prun
    Pumpkin Kaddu
    Pumpkin Kashiphal
    Radish Mooli
    Ridge Gourd Tori/Turaii
    Sapota Chiku
    Snake Gourd Chichonda
    Spinach Palak
    Sweet Lime Mosambi
    Sweet Potato Shakarkand
    Tomatoes Tamater
    Turnip Shalgam
    Turmeric Haldi
    Star Fruit Kamrakh
    Water Chestnut Singhara
    Watermelon Tarbooz
    White goose-foot Bathua
    Zizyphus, Green berry Ber, bor
    Zucchini Tori/Turaii

  11. please someone tell me english of(1)”OAL” (jo jameen ke ander hota hai jiska bhurta aur tarkari dono banta hai aur jise chhune per hathon mien khujli si hoti hai) eng of(2) “kudrum” (jo red color ka hota aur uski chatni banayi jati hai)and eng of(3) “misrikand”(jo bilkul potato jaisa hota hai but taste mien meetha hota hai aur use kachcha hi khate hain)

  12. Tangerine, nectarine belong to the orange family. You can call them santra

    Grape fruit is called papnas in marathi atleast.

  13. muze aisi kisi sabjika naam chahiye jiska pahela lafz kat de to kimti chiz ka name aur last ka kat de to sweetdish aur dono kat de toh ladkika naam banta hai to muze aisi sabji ka naam batao
    any one please help me its urgent

  14. Doctor
    Zucchini are of two varieties.If called as torai.
    One with smooth skin and the other with ridges
    Zucchini is the one with smooth skin(gilki)as is called in U.P and M.P
    I hope I.ve been able to explain.
    Thanks I stand to be corrected in case…..

  15. Brocoli is very Rich in Calcium, one of the main element in keeping healthy our body skeleton. It is available in India but not easily. You may ask a few Good Vegetable merchant and with little effort they definetly will get it for you. I got it that way (Ghatkopar West, Mumbai). Also I got it from Food Bazar in R City. shivom121@yahoo.co.in

  16. The Indian name of kale and collard greens

    Is kale “alu” The photographs on the net looks like “alu” Which thought was called colocassia leaves.

    Do they sell collards as cabbage in India.

  17. KALE? what is the hindi name for it? i am actually looking for the bengali name for it, but hindi might just do… :P

  18. I need to know the Hindi name for Soybean Dal……..Is it Lobia Daal….or they both are different….???

  19. thiree taips name of vegetabl (th) t in hindi, /// hindi ke 3 name vegetabal .jo hindi ke (th) T NAME se jana jata hai, plz ans

  20. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give english name of teroi

  21. What are basil leaves called in Hindi? I am not talking about Tulsi but the basil leaves used in Pastas and Pizzas. Please help

  22. celery where it is available. People are confuse this with ajwain. Nobody knows the exact hindi name of celery and where in which city it is available.

  23. Friends I have tried to give most of the name if you require further name the you can contact on my mail- jittu2jan@gmail.com
    i will be happy to help you

    oregano – Banjawain
    Arbi – Colcasia
    yam – oal
    Ajwain – Bishops Seed/ carmon seeds
    Basil- tulsi (there are at leat 150 Varities of it like Sweet basil, cinamon Basil, lemon basil, wild red leaf basil, purple leaf basil, horappa……)
    Lauki – bottle gaurd
    Kaddu – red pumpkin
    koahada- white pumpkin
    Parwal- green gaurd
    Karela- bitter gaurd
    celery – ajmod
    Amaranth- Chauli, Chowlii, chavleri, lobia phali
    Apple- Sev
    Apricot Fresh- Khoobani
    Apricot Dried- sukhi Khoobani
    Arrowroot- Paniphal, Tikora
    Asah Gourd- Petha
    Asparagus -Shatwar, Sootmooli, Musli
    Avocado,- butterfruit- Makhanphal
    Banana- Kela
    Bell Pepper- Shimla Mirch
    Bitter Gourd- Karela
    Black Eye Beans,- Green Lobia Phali
    Beet Root- Chukander
    Blueberries— Nilabadari, Falsa(?)
    Bottle Gourd- Loki (Lauki)
    Broccoli- Hari Phool Gobhi
    Brussels Sprout- Chhoti Gobhi
    Cabbage Pattagobhi/Bandhgobhi
    Cantaloupe– Kharbuja
    Capsicum (green pepper/bell pepper)- Shimla/Kashmiri Mirch
    Carrot- Gajar
    Cauliflower- Phoolgobhi
    Chakothra, Pomelo -Chakotra
    Chili -Mirch
    Cluster Beans -Gawar Phali
    Coconut- Khopra/Narial
    Colocassia- Arbi
    Colocassia Leaf- Arbi Patta
    Coriander/Cilantro- Dhania
    Corn/Maize -Bhutta/Macca
    Cucumber -Kheera
    Custard Apple- Shitaphal, Saripa
    Dill- Suva
    Eggplant- (brinjal) Baigan
    Endive- Gulsuchal
    Fennel- Moti Saunf
    Fenugreek Leaves- Methi
    Fig- Anjeer
    French Beans- Flash (Frash) Beans
    Garlic -Lahsun
    Ginger- Adrak
    Ginger Dry- Saunth
    Grapes -Angoor
    Guava- Amrud
    Indian Gooseberry- Amla
    Jackfruit- Kathal
    Jamoon,- Jambu Fruit, Blackberry- Jamun
    Karonda,- Carissa carandas Karonda, Karanda
    Lettuce -Salad Patta, Kasmisaag
    Lime- hari Nimbu
    Lotus Stem, Lotus root- Kamal Kakdi, Bhien, Natal Plum
    Lychees- Lichi
    Mango- Aam
    Mint Leaves -Pudina
    Mulberry -Shehtooth
    Mushroom Guchi-/Kukurmutta
    Mustard leaves- Sarson Ka Saag
    Okra -(Lady Finger) Bhindi
    Olive Jaitun
    Onion– Pyaz
    Onion-green, Spring Onion- Hara Pyaz
    Orange- Narangi
    Papaya Papita
    Parsley- Ajmoda, Ajmod, Ajmud, Bariajmud
    Peach- Aahroo
    Peanut- Moongfali
    Peas- Matar
    Dried Green Peas-sukhi hari Matar
    Pineapple- Ananas
    Pinenut– Chilgoza
    Plum -Aloobukara
    Pomgranade- Anaar
    Potato- Alu
    Prunes- Prun
    red Pumpkin- Kaddu
    white Pumpkin -Kashiphal
    Radish- Mooli
    Ridge Gourd Tori/Turaii
    Mud apple-Chiku
    Snake Gourd- Chichonda
    Spinach -Palak
    Sweet Lime -Mosambi
    Sweet Potato -Shakarkand
    Tomatoes -Tamater
    Turnip- Shalgam
    Turmeric -Haldi
    Star Fruit- Kamrakh/ Dagdfool
    Water Chestnut Singhara
    Watermelon —Tarbooz
    White goose-foot Bathua
    Zizyphus, Green berry Ber, bor
    Zucchini Tori/Turaii
    Sahjeera – caraway seed
    allspice- kabab chini
    lotus root – kamal kakadi

  24. hi…m impressed by this site….m sure i will get my answers 2…

    m not sure what tangerines, mandarins, are known as in hindi…
    and i do need to knw…plzz let me know if any1 hv idea abt it…will be kindful.. thks.

  25. want to know marathi names:
    Romaine lettuce
    Bell Peppers
    Red and green grapes

    Green onions
    Green peppers
    Sweet potato
    Roasted coffee
    Blue berries
    Concord grapes
    Wheat bran
    Wheat germ

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