Hindi Names of Birds

List of Hindi names of birds from English–पक्षी

Here is a list of Hindi names of birds from English. If you would like to know Hindi name of any other bird, you can contact us or ask through comment section of this post. We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

Hindi Names of Birds
Hindi Names of Birds
Peacock मोर
Cock मुर्गा
Crow कौआ
Vulture गिद्ध
Sparrow चिड़िया
Parrot तोता
Swan हंस
Owl उल्लू

137 thoughts on “Hindi Names of Birds

  1. i want to know the hindi names of these birds-flamingo,humming bird,eagle,bower bird, grebe, tailor bird, weaver bird

  2. Flamingo= फ़लैमिन्गो
    Humming Bird=गाने वाला पक्षी
    Eagle=गरुड़ (there is a confusion with this name as it sometimes ascribed to the kingfisher also. Not sure about it), the other name given to it is उकाब
    Bower Bird=कूँज
    Tailor Bird=बया पक्षी
    Weaver Bird=बया पक्षी(Tailor and weaver birds are taken as similar birds. In Punjabi, it is also called “bijda” but am not sure what they call it in Hindi.)

  3. Blue Jay is sometimes referred to नीलकण्ठ, but its English name is Indian Roller Bird. Blue Jay is American bird and can’t have a Hindi name as such.

    Egret is known as बगुला

    Bluebird also does not have a particular Hindi name because it is not native-Indian.

    Cardinal is sometimes known as लाल चिड़िया though am not sure what else they might call it.

  4. HILL MYNAH–पहाड़ी मैना
    JACAMAR–जैकामर (ये भारतीय पक्षी नहीं है)
    ROBIN–लाल वक्ष वाला एक पक्षी
    KIWI–किवि (ये भारतीय पक्षी नहीं है)
    BARNSWALLOW–Could not get the name of this bird.

  5. name another bird other than TEETAR and KABUTAR that also ends with TAR

    please give me this answer as soon as possible……..

  6. Humming bird is called “Shakarkhora” in Hindi, and KIngfisher is called “Kilkila” in Hindi, and Camel’s Hump is called as “Koobad” in Hindi. Bulbul is bulbul and Penguin is penguin, OStrich is “Shuturmurg” in Hindi, Owl is called as “Uloo” and Kite is known as “Cheel” in Hindi

  7. if you know this bird please answer me…..its is actually scrambled..and i don’t know the name of this bird
    if u know it answer me
    name: “ardzzub”
    question : this is scrambled, and if u know the unscrambled name of this bird…please tell me ;) :))

  8. HI i like to know the names of the birds in hindi. The names are mentioned below
    Oriole, Swallow,warbler, horn bill, tern, turkey, toucan

  9. respected sir,
    can i knw the hindi word for these

    ****thank you*****

  10. Please give me hindi names and scientific names of orioles,Hoopoes,flycatcher,Kingfisher ,Bulbul and woodpecker.

  11. Can you provide me inormation about a bird called Matawar(मतावर) in Hindi? I have read this bird name in a Hindi story.

  12. Kabootar / Tittar another bird name ending with Tar is “Hillstar”
    Wedge Tailed Hillstar and also White tailed Hillstar

  13. i want to know all the indian & other birds in hindi /marathi with their english name and photo or can u suggest any book or web site

    1. cheel is kite in english but people in india confuse it with eagle(bigger than kite). kites have often forked tails. baaz is hawk in english. most of the hawks are smaller than eagles. but there are some which are bigger than smaller eagles like red tailed hawk is a big raptor of accipiter family. most of the hawks and kite dnt have broad wings like the eagles. they rather have slender and long wings.

  14. Dear Sir / Madam,

    Please Reply for Love Bird In Hindi , Name of The bird which steals bright object.

    I am waiting for reply.



  15. I want to know the english name of these birds like saat bhai, dargin, zangil, dudhraj please reply me at your earliest. july 1st 2011

  16. pranav :
    i want to know the hindi names of these birds-flamingo,humming bird,eagle,bower bird, grebe, tailor bird, weaver bird

    Respected sir, I want you to tell me the names of as much birds as you can

  17. dear frnds,
    pls tell me marathi or hindi names of following birds,
    10.oyster catcher

  18. also could you tell me the names of sounds made by animals in both english & hindi? eg roar dahadna
    + where do animals live ie their house names like stable astabal in both english & hindi?

  19. @bhagirathy
    Bat is known as: चमगादड़

    It’s known as the same name in Hindi too.

    It is often known as: रामचिड़िया

    Geese is known as: हंस और बतख

    Boar–शूकर, वराह (Shukar, Varah)
    Hare–ससा (Sasaa)
    Turtle–कूर्म (Koorm)

    At this point, I won’t be able to provide you the habitat of these animals.

  20. what is the hindi name of falcon and magpie..? falcon is also known as goshawk..? please help as soon as possible

  21. sir, pls urgently i want to kno the hindi name of thefollowing birds
    1. Swallow
    2. Pelican
    4. Hoopoe

    its for my hindi project pls try to get them and reply as fast as u can urgent work!

  22. Ritu :sir, pls urgently i want to kno the hindi name of thefollowing birds1. Swallow2. Pelican3.Toucans4. Hoopoe
    its for my hindi project pls try to get them and reply as fast as u can urgent work!

    u r running my dear

  23. I want to know the name of the bird which kills itself as soon as it’s mate dies..by constant fluttering, I think.

  24. what are the Marathi names for following birds:

    storm petrel

    can anyone help me?

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