Gujarati Names of Birds

List of Gujarati names of birds from English–પક્ષીઓ

Here is a list of Gujarati names of birds from English.

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Gujarati Names of Birds
Gujarati Names of Birds
Peacock મોર
Vulture ગીધ
Eagle ગરૂડ
Swan દંસ
Dove કબૂતર
Owl ઉલ્લુ
Kite સમડી
Parrot પોપટ
Cock કૂકડો
Crow કાગડો



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  1. Jigar says:

    Can anybody help me with the names of some international animals and birds in gujrati….like siberian Jay, migratory, baby sparrow, humpback whale etc….

  2. SUMIT SHAH says:

    dear sir,
    i want to some information to bird of owl in gujarati language.
    pls send as early as possible.

    thanks & regards

    sumit shah

    1. pradip shah says:

      Owl – ઘુવડ [Ghuvad]

  3. tejas says:

    i want 2 know d english name of “KABAR”

    1. bhavik says:

      I want to know english name of indin bird kabar

    2. purvy bhatt says:

      Common myna

    3. pradip shah says:

      common myna (Acridotheres tristis) – કાબર [Kabar]

  4. Chaudhari Mitesh says:

    Actualy you are provided good information but you can just try to add more birds name.

  5. Manoj says:

    Dear sir,
    i want to know d english name of “Lakkadiyo kubhar” and its infor mation.


    1. pradip shah says:

      english name of “Lakkadiyo kabutar" is ”Wood Pigeons” (Columba palumbus).

  6. Harshit says:

    Dove means હોલો and pigeon means કબુતર

  7. Harshit says:

    crane means બગલો,સારસ
    bulbul means બુલબુલ
    hen means મરઘી
    kite means સમડી
    goose means હંસ
    eagle means ગરુડ
    hawk means બાજ
    cuckoo means કોયલ
    weaver-bird means સુઘરી
    cockatoo means કાકાકૌઆ
    swan means રાજહંસ
    ostrich means શાહમુગ
    wood-pecker means લક્કડખોદ
    lark means લાવરી

  8. kabar says:

    i want english name of “kabar”

    1. VINOD MODI says:


  9. akul says:

    my pet name was daisy. thanks

  10. dipak says:

    i want knw english name of chibari

    1. purvy bhatt says:

      They’re commonly called spotted owlet

  11. Pankaj says:

    I want to know the gujarati name of humming bird.

    1. pradip shah says:

      ગુંજન પક્ષી

  12. brijesh sharma says:

    i want english name of “kabar"

  13. sam says:

    i want know the gujrathi answer to kagado su kare?

  14. Shirish Barodia says:

    Gujarati word of migrating birds of Kuchh – Flemingo

    1. Anup Chavda says:


    2. pradip shah says:

      it is Flamingo not Flemingo, it’s gujarati name is સુરખાબ

  15. Shirish Barodia says:

    @brijesh sharma

    Is it MOSQUE ?

  16. Shirish Barodia says:


  17. Shirish Barodia says:

    KABUTAR @Pankaj

  18. Rupal says:

    I want english name of “Kabar”

  19. Dhaval says:

    @brijesh sharma
    kabar means myna (common myna)
    also search for brahmani myna

  20. Dhaval says:

    kabar means myna (common myna)
    also search for brahmani myna

  21. sid says:


    what is english name of “baglo”……..?

  22. SUCHIT CHAUHAN says:


  23. mehul says:

    i want english name of “kaabar” પક્ષી

  24. Haresh Patel says:

    kaabar = myna

  25. Dr R. R. Pathak says:

    Egret and Dhow are highly correlated species- white one is egret and black one is dhow – then shape and size-wise there are many variants (like cattle egret). For details, interested people can refer to the book by Dr Salim Ali (from Oxford University press)

  26. Dr R. R. Pathak says:

    Dear friend, any language, no matter how international or secular it becomes, has some regional and religious words exclusive to it which can only be indirectly explained to or nearly compared to some words in another language. We don’t have any English synonym for Samskrit wordS like KHADAAU (a wooden footwear) or DHOTEE (male Indian lower garment like loincloth). We have only one KAL for yesterday as well as tomorrow – thus you can never translate “KAL DO TARAH KE HOTE HAIN – EK BEETAA HUAA AUR EK AANE WAALAA"

  27. Dr R. R. Pathak says:

    Excellent discrimination, even GALA dictionary – that is commonly used in Gujarat, has confused the two words pigeon and dove – both mentioning KABOOTAR as meaning

  28. ruchit shah says:

    tejas :
    i want 2 know d english name of “KABAR"

    english name of kabar

  29. bharat lakdawala says:

    tell me the gujarati name of ;
    Tickells,honey Buzzard,coucal pheasant,indian robin,

  30. shabbir says:

    i want to know englinsh name of “chaamachidiyu”

    1. Akshay Joshi says:


  31. yagnesh says:

    સાહેબ cattle erget નું exact ગુજરાતી શું થાય?

    1. pradip shah says:

      ઢોર બગલો

  32. asmita says:

    please give information of birds in gujarati

  33. asmita says:

    asmita :please give information of birds in gujarati


  34. hassan says:

    સાહેબ OWL એટલે “ઘૂવડ​”, ઉલ્લુ તો ઉર્દુ ભાષા નો શ્બ્દ છે. આટલો સુધારો કરો.

  35. hassan says:

    BAT is called “CHAAMAACHIDIYU” in Gujarati

  36. RS says:

    meghabai………may be

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