Gujarati Names of Vegetables

List of Gujarati Names of Vegetables from English–ભાજીપાલો

Here is a list of Gujarati vegetables names from English.

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Gujarati Names of Vegetables
Gujarati Names of Vegetables
Turnip સલગમ
Tomato ટમેટું
Spinach પાલક
Radish મૂળા
Potato બટાટા
Cabbage કોબી
Cauliflower ફૂલકોબી
Carrot ગાજર
Onion કાંદો
Chilli મરચું
Tamarind આમલી
Lemon લિંબુ
Ladyfinger ભીંડો
Cucumber કાકડી
Ginger આદુ
Gourd દુઘી
Bitter Gourd કારેલું
Snake Gourd પંડોળું



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  1. nazifa says:

    cant see the writing at all very apalling that all the pictures are very big but the writing is not the right size

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    The picture does not contain any writing–they are just indicative but not descriptive. I have provide the names in the list below the picture.

    I am sorry for this. Hope you are able to find them below the picture.

  3. harsha says:

    want to know of vagetables in english like saragvo, suran, ratalu,

  4. Vivek Kumar says:

    Ratalu–Sweet potatoes/Yam

    Saragvo–Moringa oleifera (It is a sort of tree whose Gujarati name is Saragvo. Check Wikipedia for more details.)

    Suran–it is again sweet potato/Yam Elephant

  5. Chirag says:


    Thanks for such initiative. But i would like to have all possible vegitables & fruits (yes fruits also is possible for u) with image (it will be better as many of us still will be calling with different names and those batchlors still dont know what they eat 🙂 ). If you can mail me out that list in some word doc file then i will try to upload it in google and will share it with public. Even if u can i will be very thankful for that.

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Vivek Kumar says:

    I am sorry but this is a very difficult venture and I will not be able to do it. Thanks!

    1. Nidhi says:

      Can u tell me what is the meaning of jambu in gujrati

  7. Vatsak says:

    i would like to know the name of ‘tindola’ in english.
    Can you include that in your list ?



  8. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is called “Coccinia Indica” in English.

  9. Vishal says:


    I would like to find out the English name for Valore (kind of green bean) if possible. ‘Valore’ is a Gujarati name.

  10. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess they are called “Indian broad beans” or “Lima beans”.

  11. dipak says:

    What is vegetable PARVAR called in English?

  12. Vivek Kumar says:

    Parvar–Pointed Gourd

  13. niraj says:

    wat is lettuce called in gujarati.?

  14. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is called Bhaji–ભાજી

  15. Nayan says:

    what is gujarati name of chive?

  16. bhavesh says:

    gujarati ma apde jene adavai na paan kahiye 6iye ene english ma shu kehvay?

  17. Snehal says:

    What does tindora or ghiloda means in English ?? What is the word for that in English.

  18. ash says:


    Please help

    I am trying to find english name of leafy vegetables grown in Saurashtra called “tandalio” or “Tanjario” which is well known in Kathiawaad.


  19. Purvi says:

    What do you call Yam in Gujarati?

  20. Tushar says:

    I want to know, whether Parsley and Coriander Leave are same or different ? Please clarify.

  21. abhimanue vyas says:

    i want to know that three names of vagetables which ends with tar like tamatar, matar

  22. RB says:

    Hi, just saw that Vivek said lettuce was bhaji – a lettuce is a salad vegetable and bhaji is spinich.

  23. Haj says:

    hey, would like to know what you call hingora in english, its that black thing that you have to breat apart and eat the white thing that comes inside it. Apparently it grows under water? any suggestions…
    thanks for your help.

  24. Hardik says:

    what does the “Chodi” means in english?and also “papdi”?help me out here.

  25. Parlok says:

    Can you please tell me English name of Tanderjo?

  26. mital says:

    singoda mins..i want to kn ow about this.sam que HAJ and me

  27. Harshit says:

    pumpkin means કોળું
    yam means રતાળું

  28. abid says:

    What we call methi vegetable in english

  29. anant says:

    i want information about gujarati vegetable list….here u display few name…bt i want more..
    like….tuver,,,vatana….papadi……and more which u know….thanks.

  30. snake gourd leaves says:

    Please provide me the gujarati name of Snake Gourd

  31. kale says:

    whats the hindi name of kale. where is it available ?

  32. hope this helps says:

    google the term you know and you will find the english, gujarati etc equivalent. best bet 🙂 has all favourite Indian sub continent bhaji tarkari 🙂

    Tushar – Parsley and Corriander are completely different. Parsley has a stronger flavour for those who have an Indian or Asian palette and prefer the taste of Corriander (dhania)

    Haj – Singhoda – Water Chestnut

    Abid – Fenugreek leaves – methi bhaji

    if u r overseas find a good asian or indian, sri lankan, bangladeshi, pakistani grocery store. ethnic shopkeepers will know these products as they are generally very difficult to grow out of South East Asia. ask in the South East Asian community for their favourite store or when stuck in a shop and the shop keeper doesn’t know ask a fellow South East Asian shopping there politely. 🙂

    hope this helps. good luck! 🙂

  33. deepak says:

    i want the english names for following veggies: Parval,tindola, choli, gavar, methi..if not names in hindi

  34. hope this helps says: – read through the link, it has all the names 🙂

  35. shailly says:

    wats the english name of ‘fansi’.

  36. parthiv Desai says:

    what is the meaning of kale (vegetable or food ) in Gujarati.

  37. VINAY THACKER says:

    want to know the english name of these vegetables VALOUR,TURYA,SURAN.RATALU,GILODA & TINDOLA

  38. VINAY THACKER says:

    these are the names of vegetables in gujarati want english name VALOUR,TURYA,SURAN,RATALU,GILODA & TINDOLA.

  39. VIKAS CHAUHAN says:


  40. nidhi says:

    cloud u please let me know the english name of “KANKODA”?


  41. Dhun Nathani says:

    Is Safed Koru the same as White Pumpkin. They use safed koru to make sweet murabba in Bombay. Thanks.

  42. devangi says:

    what is call in english of below gujarati food item ?

    elichi, suran, taj ,loving, mug, choda, sakriya, urad, methi, math, tindora…

  43. Geeta says:

    Tandalio is amaranth in English.

  44. Geeta says:

    Singhoda is Water Chestnuts.

  45. Geeta says:

    Saragvo = Drum sticks
    Suran = Yam
    Ratalu = Sweet Potato

  46. Mukesh says:

    What is lettuce know in gujrati

  47. Prashant says:

    What is the difference between Yam and Wild Yam? In Gujarati ‘Suran, Shakkariya and Ratalu ” all are different vegetables. But in English some times sweet potatoes word is used for ratalu and Shakkariya also. Which one is right?

  48. Prashant says:

    Plz reply to my above query.I am very confused between Yam and wild yam, ratalu and so?

  49. dipak parikh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I require all seasonal All Fruits & Vegetables Name in English to Gujarti .
    If possible email me on given Id.

    Thank you very Much.

    Dipak Parikh

  50. prashant Vyas says:

    Plz provide the name of “SURAN” IN ENGLISH.

    OR Ratalu is ” farari ” ” Upvaas” item can we eat ratalu in Fast ?

  51. nikhilShah says:

    what is Parsley

  52. Jayantibhai Patel says:

    Sir, I have required the roots of KANKODA (Name of Vegetable ) for agriculture purpose
    I m ready to pay for it.


  53. jennifer says:

    what is fansi called in english

  54. Kruti says:

    What is KALE (leafy vegetable) called in Gujurati ???

  55. bharat says:

    What is KALE (leafy vegetable) called in Gujurati ???

  56. Rajanikant says:

    harsha :want to know of vagetables in english like saragvo, suran, ratalu,

    @Vivek Kumar
    sargavo—-Drum stick,Moringa oleifera
    suran–Elephant yum,Amorphophallus paeoniifolius
    ratalu—-purple yam,

  57. Shita says:

    what is the gujarati meaning of Peppercorn?

  58. Shita says:

    what is the gujarati meaning of curry leaves?

  59. Shita says:

    what is meaning of nutmeg ground?

  60. Maulik says:

    I want to know english name of “kothimada(kothimba)”,

  61. vipin gupta says:

    What is English name for vegetable ‘Valor’ (is it Gujarati?)

  62. Harnish patel says:

    What is meaning of kubi ni bhaji??

  63. Janak Patel says:

    What is Ash Gourd in Gujarati?

    1. Vivek Kumar says:

      Basically it is petha and may be called તુંબડી કે તુંબડું in Gujarati.

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