Gujarati Names of Animals

List of Gujarati Names of Animals from English–જનાવરો

Here is a list of Gujarati names of animals from English.

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Gujarati Names of Animals
Gujarati Names of Animals
Elephant હાથી
Monkey વાંદરો
Horse ઘોડો
Ass ગધેડો
Deer હરણ
Jackal શિયાળ
Pig ડુક્કર
Bear રીંછ
Crocodile મગર
Snake સાપ
Ox બેલ
Cow ગાય
Buffalo ભેશ
Lion સિંહ
Tiger વાઘ
Panther ચિત્તો
Camel ઊંટ
Goat બકરો
Cat બિલાડો
Dog કુતરો



27 Responses to "Gujarati Names of Animals"

  1. tirth says:

    i like give me more animals name @animals yongwon name
    (maa ane bacha nu nam)
    give me reply
    thnking you

    1. sarika says:

      Please give me the Gujarati name of porcupine

      1. Arpit says:

        શાહુડી = Porcupine

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    Please give the names of animals that you want me to give in Gujarati–that way, it will be easier for me. Thanks!

    1. Sanjay says:

      goat, dog, donkey, camel, cat, buffalo, horse

      1. Sanjay says:

        names of baby animals in gujrati as follows
        goat, dog, donkey, camel, cat, buffalo, horse

    2. Sanjay says:

      Give me the names of below in gujrati for baby animals.
      goat, dog, donkey, camel, cat, buffalo

  3. chirag says:

    mane noliyo, ane shila nu naam english ma kahesho??

  4. Shaurya says:

    hi vivek I am gujarati but i have lived mostly abroad making my mother tongue a little weak. Recently i heard stories from my mother side relatives about some creature called ( VANIYAAR or VANIYAR ) they use to roam around in domestic areas of Ahmedabad city. They only use to come out in the night. It is rumored that they use to attack small new born babies. They are Black colored with long funnel shape (fox) like creature. As far as the relatives said they look like cats. Now they have disappeared or had gotten extinct…. No idea…. but its like no body has seen them in years now…..One of my relative said they are neither classified into wild cats nor a monkey or a fox species…something which were a mix breed….they usually climb through pipes of the building and jump around from building to building….Is it possible for you to give me this creatures English name….


    1. Venus Raval says:

      Dear Shaurya,

      Its been nice to listen this story from you in short. I would like to tell you english name of vaniyar is call civet . its from cat family.

      Hope this will help you.

      Best Regards,

  5. Mohan Hari says:

    If Jackal is siyar then what is fox in Gujarati? Also, what is a Varoo in English.

    1. Venus Raval says:

      Hi Mohan,

      Varoo is known as Wolf in english. i hope this will help you.

      Best Regards,
      Venus Raval

  6. Sherryl Charles says:

    They call a wild animal by name “DIPDA” what animal is it?
    What is its english name? Cheetah or lepord or tiger?
    Give all guj names of these wild cats.

    1. Venus Raval says:

      Hi Sherryl Charles
      Dipda is Gujarati name of Cheetah /Leopard.
      Tiger is knows as Vagh
      I believe this will be helpful to you.

      Best Regards,

  7. Harshit says:

    bear means રીંછ
    antelope means સાબર,કાળીયાર
    boar means જંગલી ભુંડ, ડૂક્કર
    calf means વાછરડું, પાંડુ, મદનિયું
    lamb means ઘેંટા નુ બચ્ચુ
    mongoose means નોળિયો
    hare/rabbit means સસલું
    hippopotamus means જળઘોડો
    pony means ટટુ
    rhinoceros means ગેંડો
    wolf means વરુ
    squirrel means ખિસકોલી
    stag means હરણ (નરજાતિ)
    porcupine means શાહુડી

  8. Jay says:

    @Sherryl Charles
    Hey Sherryl,

    I came across this website while searching for an answer myself. I haven’t been very sucessful yest, but I think I can help you with your question.

    Cheetah – Chitto (Gujarati)
    Lepord – Dipdo (singular) Dipda (plural)
    Tiger – Vagh

    Hope this will help.

    My story and question is exactly the same as Shaurya’s. There are no replies to that question and I would really like to know this.


  9. Rita Tolia says:


  10. Ibban says:

    Gilgut or garori ko english me kya bolte he ?

  11. vishal says:

    i want to know what do we call a child of camel?

    and a child of margi? in gujarati

  12. mahesh says:

    give me english name of gho

  13. The animal which is known as “Ghorkhodiyu” or “Jabadiyu” in Gujarati, I want it’s English translation along with image of that animal. Will you please send me?

    1. dhaval patel says:

      “ghorkhodiyu” = “Ratel” in english. and you will easily find its images on google by just typing its english name

      1. Arpit says:

        Ghorkhodiyu = Armadillo

    2. dhaval patel says:

      and you will surprise to know but it is very simmilar to “noliyo” in gujarati. they are not exactly the same but same subspecis and is also known as “Honey Badger”.

  14. J G patel says:

    Baby child name of lion tiger

  15. Sarita patel says:

    What means of ghorkhodiyu?

  16. Dhruv Thakker says:

    What is the english name of animal gho

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