Hindi Names of Fruits

Hindi Names of Fruits

Here is a list of Hindi names of fruits from English. If you would like to know Hindi name of any other fruit in English, you can contact us. We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

Grape अङ्गूर
Mango आम
Coconut नारियल
Apple सेब
Banana केला
Pomegranate अनार
Lemon Fruit नींबू
Guava अमरूद
Orange संतरा

214 thoughts on “Hindi Names of Fruits

    1. Is the hindi word ‘Popinus’ fruit used for Grape fruit? Please let me know the answer by email as i have been eating ‘popinus’ thinking it is ‘grapefruit’.

  1. Pls add the following names suggested by me in your website eg Papaya in hindi called papita, Sweet melon in hindi called Kharbuja, Black Berry in hindi called Jamun .


  2. I beg to differ that blackberry is not Jamun, but Black Plum is. Black Berry is smaller version of shetoot.

    P.S.: By giving the names here, they stand as added to the post. Thanks for the contribution.

  3. Dear Vivek

    Grapefruit is not draksh but is called “Chakotra” – this is a fruit that belongs to Citrus family. Grapes and grapefruit are two different fruits

  4. Hi, many of the fruit names are not included here… some of the name -hindi name – that I know are…
    type of ananas(the one small in size)
    kinnu (specific name as the one u mentioned here is a category)

  5. can u specify which ones are vegetables and not fruit for you ?

    kinnu (specific name as the one u mentioned here is a category)

  6. Dear Viveg,

    Appreciate your great work, which is very helpfull to my doughter. As we Keralites are very poor in Hindi Language, such blogs are very very helpfull to us.



  7. Dear Vivek;
    Grapefruit is Chakotra as told by you and listed in wikipedia, but what is the most common name of this in India, specifically in Indore/MP region

  8. Hi Pankaj,

    Yea, I understand. But Chakotra is one of the commonest names that is given to it–I am not specifically sure about MP but yes, even our Punjab, we use the same name. Thanks!

  9. is n’t this called bottle guard,i just found your last number,please i need to know beacause i have to buy this ,it is good for eyes ,i heard thx..

  10. i would like to know the correct Hindi name for Strawberry , where in some place such as Bhargava’s hindi dictionery says JHARBERI , where in Google fruits name its shows HISSALOO

    Can i know correct Hindi name for Strawberry plesae ?

    thanks in advance

  11. Please don’t mind, Falsa is not blackberries. I was here to know translation if blackberries in hindi or urdu but actually one that’s translated here is wrong.

  12. can any one plz help me what is the name of ASPARAGUS in hindi horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, nut meg, and ginko biloba, avocado and where i wil get this plzz help friend :):):)i m staying in mumbai….

  13. what is bail ..?? in summer i hv seen havin juice of bail, and we also use its leaves in puja.. bail patrr,,? plzz tell me.

  14. basil is tulasi.. tht i know … bail is a hindi word.. in shivratri we use bail leaves for puja… its a bid, round, hard cover fruit.. whats english word of bail.? can anybody tell me.. plzz..

  15. I live in South America. We have a mixed ancestry,there are 2 fruits one is called Monkey apple and the other Bharahar( not sure of the spelling. They are similar in texture but diferent flavours,sort of like small Jackfruit,we call that cowa.Do you know the real names?Both in english and hindi?

  16. Cranberry it is a fruit
    so please traslate in hindi and send it to gmail.com i will be thank ful to you . please translate in hindi & urdu because i want to buy it and also tell me where i can buy this fruuit

  17. Dear Vivek,

    I need to prepare a juice for medicinal purposes and I was informed to use Guava or apparently in hindi it is known as Pedu… but I know that Guava is Amrud in Hindi and hence I am a bit hesitant as the juice may not have the required effect. Would you be able to confirm please if Pedu is indeed Guava? Thank you.

  18. Can i have the name for “sarda” or “garma” (2 sorts of melons), read the whole page but was unable to find the english name of these two fruits

  19. any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Fortunella bearing small orange-colored edible fruits with thick sweet-flavored skin and sour pulp@Madhu

  20. please help me to tell the English name of the fruit “Bale” . Bale is a hindi word and is name of one of the fruit which people use in summer . They use to drink its juice. It is good for stomach.

  21. @poonam
    Falsa is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and some parts of the far east like Thailand. I haven’t come across an English name but its latin name is Grewia Asiatica

  22. I want 2 knw wat Blackberry is in Hindi…………I mean In hindi Blackberry iis called as……….?
    I hope Blackberry: Kala Jamun

    Thanking you

  23. Hey can some one help me- M searching for Acai Berry and want it is known in HIndi. Hey Vivek can u let me know. would be much appreciated

  24. i want to be a English name of bail ..?? in summer i hv seen haven juice of bail, and we also use its leaves in puja.. bail pater,,? plz tell me.

  25. blackberry , jamun and mulberry (shehtoot) are three different fruits….blackberries and shehtoot are not related either..former is a shrub which grows in cold climate whereas the latter is a tree growing in various temperature zones..jamun tree of course most of have seen.

  26. Hey, I would like to know . What is BLUEBERRY called in Telugu or Hindi..

    Is it available in India .. Wht is its common Name….?

  27. I was just seeking this information for a while. After six hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your website. I wonder what’s the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this kind of informative sites in top of the list. Generally the top web sites are full of garbage.

  28. @neil

    There are similar fruits in India of exactly similar nature. “custard Apple(Sitaphal)”, “Rama Phal”, Jack fruit, Guava fruit has similar properties too.

  29. Please sir tell me that, if shareef and sour sop are the names of one fruit only?i’am asking bcoz i saw sour sop looks like shareef at google images.

  30. I have long studied about fruits and flowers. Here are some names of fruits with their accurate Hindi names, no mistake. It will help many of us :

    Apricot fresh : Kimi
    Apricot dried : Khubaani

    Plum : Aaruk, Aalubukhara

    Cherry : Timaa

    Cranberry : Karounda

    Jijyphus : Bor, Ber

    Physalis : Peekal, Macoicha, Rasbhari

    Tamarind : Imli

    Mulberry : Shahtoot

    Strawberry : Hisaal

    Blackberry : Aisal

    Blueberry : Feera, Feeri

    Raspberry : Katsol

    Gooseberry : Oonber

    Currants : Gunjal, Sanjal

    Acai berry : Taalber, Neelber

    Kiwi : Kedu

    Seabuckthorn : Leh ber

    Persimmon : Raabu

    Stone apple : Bel

    Hard apple : Kabeet

    Oak : Baloot

    Olive : Jaitoon.

    Note that Jamun, Leechi, Kadamb, Goolar, Aanwla, Cheeku and Faalsa are the fruits known with the same names in English.

  31. Blueberries are found in the cold regions of india, on top of high mountains, I have ate blueberries sold by native people when I went to Hemkunt Sahib Yatra, or may be you can found on the AmarNath Yatra, because it is on the mountains also/

  32. What is the name of gujarati name fruit setur in English.
    Show me it’s picture and inform it’s test.
    Also show me the picture of its tree.
    This is coz a big tree is near our house in NJ USA and lot of fruit are on this tree. It looks like setur but I fear to test it….it is harmful or not before testing it.

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