Hindi Names of Fruits

Hindi Names of Fruits–फल

Here is a list of Hindi names of fruits from English. If you would like to know Hindi name of any other fruit in English, you can contact us. We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

Grape अङ्गूर
Mango आम
Coconut नारियल
Apple सेब
Banana केला
Pomegranate अनार
Lemon Fruit नींबू
Guava अमरूद
Orange संतरा



216 Responses to "Hindi Names of Fruits"

  1. grapefruit says:

    I would like to know what are the other names of grape fruit

    1. Goolcher Poonewalla says:

      Is the hindi word ‘Popinus’ fruit used for Grape fruit? Please let me know the answer by email as i have been eating ‘popinus’ thinking it is ‘grapefruit’.

  2. Vivek Kumar says:

    The grape fruit is also known as “चकोतरा”–Chakotra.

  3. reema says:

    I would like to know what are the other names of grape fruit

  4. rajiv says:


  5. Vivek Kumar says:

    Black Plum is the name often given to Jamun.

  6. Nancy Sharma says:

    hi! can you provide more names of Fruits ????

  7. Vivek Kumar says:

    It would be better if you ask the names of fruits and I answer them.

  8. priti says:

    i want to know the english name of SEWAR or SEVAR(marathi fruit-non eatable),plz help


  9. Smita Singh says:

    Pls add the following names suggested by me in your website eg Papaya in hindi called papita, Sweet melon in hindi called Kharbuja, Black Berry in hindi called Jamun .


  10. Vivek Kumar says:

    I beg to differ that blackberry is not Jamun, but Black Plum is. Black Berry is smaller version of shetoot.

    P.S.: By giving the names here, they stand as added to the post. Thanks for the contribution.

  11. cheryl says:

    what is the hindi name of blueberries

  12. Vivek Kumar says:

    Blueberry is called “falsa” in Hindi.

  13. Chetan says:

    What is the English name for Amar fal, Thanks.

  14. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess it is called fruit of immortality.

  15. ishwar says:

    i want english name of MAUSAMBI

  16. Vivek Kumar says:

    Citrus Limetta is the name–also called sweet lime or sweet lemon.

  17. ram says:

    guyzz pls inform the english name of the fruit “KINU”

  18. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is called “Citrus Fruit”.

  19. Manisha says:

    I want to know the hindi meaning of Avocado.Thanks.

  20. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is called Makhanphal.

  21. Kawat says:

    I want to know the english name of fruit “kawat” in Marathi

  22. Anita says:

    please provide a more fruit names

  23. Vivek Kumar says:

    Dear Anita,

    Please let me know what more names you want me to translate and I will do them. Some of the names are given in the comments also. Feel free to ask…

  24. Kersi says:

    Dear Vivek

    Grapefruit is not draksh but is called “Chakotra” – this is a fruit that belongs to Citrus family. Grapes and grapefruit are two different fruits

  25. Vivek Kumar says:

    Thanks! Yes, you are right and I corrected that.

  26. Shebu says:

    Hi, many of the fruit names are not included here… some of the name -hindi name – that I know are…
    type of ananas(the one small in size)
    kinnu (specific name as the one u mentioned here is a category)

  27. Vivek Kumar says:

    @ Shebu

    I am sorry but many of them are not fruits but vegetables. But anyway, thanks for sharing.

  28. Shebu says:

    can u specify which ones are vegetables and not fruit for you ?

    kinnu (specific name as the one u mentioned here is a category)

  29. Vivek Kumar says:

    Well, Kakadi and Kheera are vegetables. All other could be categorized as fruits. Thanks!

  30. Ashraf says:

    Dear Viveg,

    Appreciate your great work, which is very helpfull to my doughter. As we Keralites are very poor in Hindi Language, such blogs are very very helpfull to us.



  31. Vivek Kumar says:

    Hi Ashraf,

    I am happy that this helps. I want nothing else…

  32. Arvind says:

    I want the english name of aadu (fruit)

  33. Pankaj Upadhyay says:

    Dear Vivek;
    Grapefruit is Chakotra as told by you and listed in wikipedia, but what is the most common name of this in India, specifically in Indore/MP region

  34. Vivek Kumar says:

    Hi Pankaj,

    Yea, I understand. But Chakotra is one of the commonest names that is given to it–I am not specifically sure about MP but yes, even our Punjab, we use the same name. Thanks!

  35. pawan says:

    hello ,please tell me what is called hindi word”loki” in english its vegetable name thx

  36. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess it is called milk-gourd.

    1. surendra gandhi says:

      Hi vivek what we call bel fruit in hindi.It’s grow in bel patar plant which used shiv puja.

  37. pawan says:

    is n’t this called bottle guard,i just found your last number,please i need to know beacause i have to buy this ,it is good for eyes ,i heard thx..

  38. Vivek Kumar says:

    Yea, it is called bottle gourd also.

  39. manish says:

    plz tell me d name of “kinu” in english……..it is like some sort of orange but its diffrnt……….?

  40. Vivek Kumar says:

    I am not sure if it has a separate name–it is often called “King of Oranges”. Thanks!

  41. Sonia Saini says:

    Please let me know the Hindi Name for fruit “Avacado”.

    Thanks in advance

  42. Asmit Rai says:

    kindly let me know the english names of singhara and sharifa

  43. Vivek Kumar says:

    Olive is known as “Jaitoon”–जैतून।

  44. Vivek Kumar says:

    Singhara is water chestnut and Sharifa is Sugar-apple. Thanks!

  45. Vivek Kumar says:

    I guess Avocado is known as रुचिरा। Thanks!

  46. Hubert says:

    i would like to know the correct Hindi name for Strawberry , where in some place such as Bhargava’s hindi dictionery says JHARBERI , where in Google fruits name its shows HISSALOO

    Can i know correct Hindi name for Strawberry plesae ?

    thanks in advance

  47. shweta yadav says:

    plz give the name of fruit (sanskrit) also in english……..

  48. Shweta Yadav says:

    plz give the name of fruit (sanskrit) also in english……..that we can understand it also sanskrit name of Jackfruit & Papaya

  49. Asad says:

    Please don’t mind, Falsa is not blackberries. I was here to know translation if blackberries in hindi or urdu but actually one that’s translated here is wrong.

  50. RONNIE says:

    HI VVK,


  51. rahul says:

    eng name of belgiri

  52. Yogesh says:

    Plz let me know marathi names for 1. Avocadoes,
    2. Eggplant
    3. Pear

  53. alnawaz says:

    can any one plz help me what is the name of ASPARAGUS in hindi horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, nut meg, and ginko biloba, avocado and where i wil get this plzz help friend :):):)i m staying in mumbai….

  54. sam says:

    i want english name of “Belgiri”

  55. SONIA says:

    i want to know the english name of sarda[a desert melan].

  56. prasanna says:

    pls tell me hindi name of kiwi fruit

  57. atisha says:

    plz tell me d end name of cheku

  58. Deepa says:

    please tell me the english name of ‘KARONDA’

  59. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is known as cranberry.

  60. alnawaz says:

    hey vivek u can onli anser ma Qtion??? plzz dude

  61. Vivek Kumar says:

    I would have loved to but it requires a lot of time. I am sure some of them have already been answered…

  62. sanaa says:

    what is alobukara ??????????plz ansewr me

  63. sandeep says:

    what is bail ..?? in summer i hv seen havin juice of bail, and we also use its leaves in puja.. bail patrr,,? plzz tell me.

  64. lalitha says:

    It is basil. Not bail. Basil leaf is Tulasi; we use these leaves in puja and for curing colds.

  65. sandeep says:

    basil is tulasi.. tht i know … bail is a hindi word.. in shivratri we use bail leaves for puja… its a bid, round, hard cover fruit.. whats english word of bail.? can anybody tell me.. plzz..

  66. Vivek Kumar says:

    It is बिल्व–sometimes called simply बिल. I will get the name in English and tell. Thanks!

  67. sandeep says:

    thanks vivek..

  68. sumaiya says:

    I want to know what do we call tad gola in english and even jaam plz let me know the name of these friut in english

  69. sumaiya says:

    I want to know whayt is tadgola call in eng

  70. hasan says:

    what we call bale fruit in English

  71. sneha says:

    I would like to know the English name of “shrifal”?

  72. ARVIND says:

    English name fopr SHRIFAL is COCONUT

  73. nidhi says:

    can anybody help me by telling what is the hindi name of blackberry

  74. Akshay says:

    plz tell me the english name of fruit called[ jamful ]……………plz anyone reply soon

  75. vishwadeep says:

    what is hindi name of cranberry??plz its urgent

  76. rashmi says:

    wat is chambaka(in malayalam) in english?

  77. rashmi says:

    In malayalam we call it chambakka,what do we call in english?

  78. tinker says:

    hi,plz can someone tell me the English name of AMER BEL.thanks a lot.

  79. rajkumar says:

    what is Hindi meaning of blackberry

  80. neil says:

    Hi!, Cud you tell me the Hindi name for the fruit Guyabano or sometimes known as sour sop fruit?

  81. dinesh says:

    What is the Hindi name of “Guyabano” or The Soupsop Fruit?