Sanskrit names of Body Parts

Sanskrit names of Body Parts–(शरीरस्य भागाः)

The Sanskrit names of body parts in EnglishSanskrit are given below in a list. If you do not find any Sanskrit name of the body part that you would like to know, you can add to the comment and we would try our best to provide you with the Sanskrit name of that body part.

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Sanskrit names of Body Parts
Sanskrit names of Body Parts
English Sanskrit Transliteration
Body शरीरं Śarīraṁ
Head शिरः Śiraḥ
Mouth, Face वदनं Vadanaṁ
Neck कण्ठः Kaṇṭhaḥ
Hand करः Karaḥ
Shoulder स्कन्धः Skandhaḥ
Chest वक्षः Vakṣhaḥ
Belly उदरं Udaraṁ
Navel नाभिः Nābhiḥ
Thigh ऊरुः Ūruḥ
Knee जानुः Jānuḥ
Foot पादः Pādaḥ
Eye अक्षः, नेत्रम् Akṣhaḥ, Netraṁ
Ear कर्णः Karṇaḥ
Nose नासिका Nāsikā
Mouth मुखं Mukhaṁ
Tongue जिह्वा Jihvā
Tooth दन्तः Dantaḥ
Finger अङ्गुली Aṅgulī
Nail नखः Nakhaḥ
Hair केशः Keśaḥ
Arm भुजः Bhujaḥ



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